Question by Nadia: What program of study is best if like weight loss and exercise?
I can’t decide on what accredited university to attend for my educational interest when I plan to register for college in June. I keep reading I have to go to colleges that are ACEND approved if I would like to become a registered dietician. However, I am slightly lost on what I want to take exactly. Being a registered dietician alone doesn’t interest me. I LOVE helping people when they consult me for weight loss and health tips (because I am in the process of losing a great amount of weight myself and I’m doing it pretty well on my own and FAST, but in a healthy way just from what I learned on the internet), and I like working out. I want to understand how certain foods work in the body and which ones provide optimal nutrition for weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I also would like to help people exercise by developing special workouts for each client based on their needs and implementing those workout plans along with them (like a personal trainer) for private/personal clients and maybe instruct a class in my spare time as well. I understand registered dietician might be the best route to go, but are there any other programs of study similar to all my interests that I may have over looked or not thought of? Or should I just study as a registered dietician and receive certain trainer certifications maybe? I am SO LOST and have no idea where to start or who to speak with! I am also from Virginia if that helps, so I would like a school here in state if anyone knows of any! I would certainly appreciate any help.

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Answer by Meg
You could also consider a fitness and training course with diet options

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