People who go the gym either go for two reasons: to trim down or to bulk up. These are two different objectives that require completely different sets of training. If your aim is to tone up and sculpt your body, then watch your calorie intake and do heavy cardiovascular workouts. If you want to build bigger muscle, you will need to load up on calories and undertake intense weight training exercises designed to pack on the pounds.

Let us look into the latter objective for this article. For those looking to gain a significant amount of body mass, professionals suggest high intensity training of 45-75 minutes. This will mean that your cardio exercises will have to be done only select days of the week and only minimally. Take a maximum of a 90 second break in between sets to get the most out of each session you clock in.

You will find many equipment and new fancy exercise techniques out today but the simplest ones are usually the most effective. Nothing can replace the power of squats in leg exercises. Alter the position of your legs and you can specifically target portions of your leg area. Calf raises is a good supplement to squats.

There are differing opinions on what is the most helpful chest exercise one can use. Bench press is the classic go-to for building a barrel chest for men and leaving it out is like eating a hamburger without the meat. However, many people have gone without the bench press and attest to having better results with flyes and pullovers instead. There is no right or wrong answer, you do what your body responds best to but the key is to alter the weights and movements so your body will be challenged to perform better.

Bench dips and bicep curls are the staple in working out big arms. As you progress in your training, make it a point to increase the weight you take in. You will feel and see the difference quite soon. Your arms will feel sore after a rewarding session in the gym but refrain from overtraining them if they still feel sore. This will do more harm than good in building up the bulk.

You can work your back with pull-ups and your shoulders with the military press. Of course there are many exercises that you could use for these muscle groups but these have proven their worth in many bodybuilders’ programs. Change it up every two to six weeks. Your body needs to be constantly challenged to push itself for weight training exercises to work.

Because you are aiming to put on weight and bulk, strong cardio workouts are not recommended. However, make sure you still put in time to do sports or light running once every one to two weeks. Even if your goal is not to trim down, your heart will do well with it.

Lastly, make weight training exercises count by giving it your all. You can trick yourself by rushing into reps and sets with poor form and half hearted energy; but you cannot fool your body. Go into every session strong. Not only will you build bigger muscle, you will feel better about yourself when you’re done.

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