Losing weight has now become somewhat of a worldwide obsession. The increasing knowledge of the ailments associated with carrying excess fats around is partly the major reason why many people want to trim down. Of course, the increasing fascination with sexiness around the globe is also another factor why many men and women want to stay lean and fit.

If you want to lose weight, regular exercises will go a long way towards boosting your metabolism, burning the calories and zapping away the fat. Successfully winning the battle of the bulge is a simple matter of using up more calories than what you consume. Thus, the less you eat and the more you move, the more weight you lose.

Exercise is indispensable in any weight loss program. A 30 minute cardio and flexibility exercises three times a week combined with 15-minute strength training exercises twice a week is good enough for beginners. These rev up the metabolism to burn away the fat. The strength training exercises will develop muscle which also aids in the fat burning process.

But weight loss exercises do more than just lose the weight: They keep the body healthy and disease-free, too. Even if your primary aim for exercise is weight loss, the truth of the matter is, you’ll reap far more in return. Any form of physical activity, whether it be walking, running, raking leaves or playing with the kids, do their share of preventing heart and other cardiovascular diseases. Exercise strengthens the muscles of your heart and prevents your bad cholesterol levels from rising up. It also lowers your blood pressure and keeps the flow of blood steady all throughout the system.

Moreover, all forms of weight loss exercises also strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen, back and pelvis. When these are strengthened, good posture, proper body alignment and balance are the obvious results. With a strong core, daily activities like walking, running after toddlers and lifting objects and children become easier and done with much more finesse and grace. And because exercise also builds bone mass, osteoporosis is prevented with any weight loss workout.

A sample workout that you might want to follow to shed off those excess bulges and enjoy exercise’s other benefits is this: Start your every morning with a 15 to 30 minute brisk walk around your neighborhood. If it’s raining, you can do any form of aerobic exercise like dancing or skipping rope inside your house. Follow this with some crunches, planks and push ups. Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions to start with and gradually add more sets and reps as your body feels more adjusted. End with stretching exercises for 10 minutes. Do this for even just 4 days in a week and you’ll be able to see a huge difference not only in your figure, but in your overall health and well-being as well.

Finally, don’t commit the mistake of exercising and overeating at the same time. Any weight loss exercise program cannot achieve its desired benefits if it’s not practiced together with healthy eating habits. Exercise + Healthy eating= Weight loss and overall good health.

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