Still on the lookout for weight loss exercises that work? Well, today I have two exercises that work every time. Have you gone to gym only to be mystified how all the machines work and how they could actually help you lose weight?

You can forget all that nonsense.

We’re going old school. These are simple but very effective exercises that will help you quickly lose weight from home. You can have your whole workout done for the day in the time it used to take you just to drive there and back from the gym.

Weight Loss Exercises That Work – Two Simple Tips

Stair Climbing

The vast majority of people either lives a house or other dwelling with stairs or has access to stairs in the complex they live.

Make use of them.

This is brain dead simple. All you have to do is walk up a set stairs and then come right back down. And do it again – and again and again. Do this for a MINIMUM of fifteen minutes before you take a rest. Don’t take break before that time.

If you can, stretch it out to about half an hour. Now you’re really getting somewhere.

I’d highly recommend doing this at least five to six days a week.

Who is going to tell me they can’t do this?

If you don’t have access to stairs, the next tip is for you.

Do 150 squats using your body weight.

Whether you do these all at once, or spread them throughout the day – just do them. 150 body squats should take just under four minutes total.

If you can’t do them all at once, start with 25 and work your way up from there. Do 25 and take a quick 30 second rest. Then do another 25. Keep going until you’ve hit 150. I think you’ll find these are not all that difficult.

Give it a try yourself. Fat will literally melt off you.

So, if you were looking for weight loss exercises that work, those were 2 that you can do anytime and almost anywhere.

Now, it’s up to you to do them.

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