Weight Training Exercises For Women should be done using free weights or body weight methods rather than relying on machines that only provide a limited range of motions. Therefore, you are exposing your joints to more movements.

I will explain three exercises for women to include in their routines, and that way you won’t limit your joints to limited movements.

Perform Lunges Instead Of Using Leg-Extension Machines

I would pick lunges over leg-extension machines any time of the day, and I challenge you to test it out and see for yourself. Lunges are effective in building the thigh muscles all around and give nice movements to your hips and knee joints.

You also work on coordination and balance since you are not sitting (in the case of the leg-extension machine, but you are exercising one leg at a time with the various forms of lunges.

Frog Leaps Instead Of Using The Hamstring-Curls Machine

This is a powerful exercise for your legs, and it will give your hamstrings a good muscle stimulus.  Again, the “frog leap” exercise requires balance; therefore, I recommend you to start with a slow pace and gradually increase it to the maximum.

One more bonus that is wonderful to have for many fitness trainees is that you will burn more calories than using the Hamstring Curls Machine.

This leg exercise is basic and simple to follow, but it is not easy to do because it is a physically demanding type of movement.  However, the rewards are worth trying; so I encourage you to practice until you become good at it.

Instructions: You will be basically standing wider than a hip-width apart and your feet pointing straight forward.

Bend the knees to almost half-way down; then spring your whole body forward mimicking the frog leap.  When you land on your feet, make sure you bend the knees to absorb the impact as smoothly as possible.

Repeat for the desired repetitions.  But usually for this explosive movement exercise doing 5 to 10 leaps/repetitions is sufficient.

Body Weight Squats Instead Of Using The Leg-Press Machine

Performing body weight squats is a challenge for so many individuals due to not getting used to it because of sitting on chairs for longer period of times.

Many individuals in underdeveloped countries and remote villages that live a primitive type of lifestyle and have no chairs can actually do full squats and chat with others for an hour or two with no issue whatsoever.

Squat movements have other physiological benefits besides building strong legs, but this will be talked about in another topic.  But I strongly recommend to those doing body weight squats that you gradually practice to perform full squats until your muscles can do this with no discomfort.

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