There are many obese people who start the New Year on a very positive note promising them self that they are going to lose weight. They even promise themselves to look for a personal trainer who is going to make them lose weight. The issue which will determine whether you are going to lose weight is deciding whether to perform intense cardio or moderate cardio workouts. Both of these two options are going to produce different results in terms of there effect on your body. This is why it is important to review both options in order to find out which option is going to work best for you.

Low intensity cardio workouts also known as moderate cardio workouts will cause your body to use more fat than carbohydrates when generating energy. If you want to lose weight fast then this option is going to guarantee you good results. The proponents of the high intensity training suggest that this approach is likely to make a person lose greater fat since the body utilises more energy. You need to carefully consider between this two options so that you can choose the one which will be more effective in helping you attain your goals.

We will use various case studies so that we can reach the conclusion as to which method is more effective than the other. Let’s assume that you are aged 30 and you are weighing 85kgs. Let us assume also that your aerobic capacity is in the range of 40ml/kg/minute. With this scenario in mind we are going to compare how the two training methods are going to help you burn the same amount of calories of lets say 500kCal. For the moderate cardio the rate will be set at 65 percent of the maximum heart rate. This is the preferred rate needed to increase your personal aerobic capacity. The 85 percent range utilises carbohydrates mostly in order to generate energy.

Low intensity rate of 65%: This rate will require the above person around 55 minutes in order to burn the 500 calories. By use of the gas analyser the results tended to suggest that you end using 37% of your body fat and 63 % of your carbohydrates. When you convert this figures into grams they become 79g of carbohydrates and 20g of fat.

High intensity of 85%: when you undertake the high intensity cardio workouts your body will burn the 500 calories within 42 minutes which is faster than the moderate cardio exercises. Using the gas analyser the results show that a person is able to lose 17% fat and 83% carbohydrates. When we put this figures into grams they translate into 104g carbohydrates and 9g of body fat.

This case study will help us figure out the best approach to undertake when performing aerobic exercises. Moderate cardio workouts use more fat for the same amount of calories burnt and the training is not very demanding. However in terms of its training benefits they are less significant.

The high intensity cardio exercises uses up, more energy and the training benefits are very great.

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