Those who are severely obese and have tried every trick in the book for attaining significant Weight Loss must have never heard of water exercises and water aerobics. Weight loss through water exercises and water aerobics is far easier than trying to lose weight unsuccessfully through various useless exercises.

There are skeptics who scoffed at the weight loss benefits of hydro exercises and dismissed this trend as another gimmick or passing fad! But those very same detractors are now hooked on to hydro exercises because of the remarkable health benefits this kind of novel exercising offers.

Most fitness gurus prescribe water exercises nowadays if weight loss is your number one agenda.  

There is no single exercise that I can recommend for you which will be “perfect” for your weight loss. But your abilities, restrictions, limitations, physical condition and individual needs will be taken into account in water aerobics. You can run, jog or swim or perform freehand or cardio exercises or whatever your trainer suggests.  

One of the best parts of water exercises and water aerobics is that you don’t really need to know swimming to do these. You just have to develop a good technique with which you will feel comfortable. In every exercise session, you should jog or walk in the water for at least twenty to forty minutes. And when you indulge in water aerobics, the calories are burnt up super fast. 

In a 30 minute workout involving land walking, you will burn 135 calories. Do the same in deep pool water and you will burn 264 calories! When you jog on land, you lose 240 calories whereas deep water jogging will lead to a burning of 340 calories!  

Various studies have confirmed that you lose between 450 calories and 700 calories every hour when you perform water aerobics. That means weight loss or losing those extra kilos and shedding that ungainly flab around your waist have become the easiest tasks in the world, thanks to hydro exercises.  

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