Today I want to share some of the very best female exercises for weight loss.  Guys can try these techniques, too, but I’m aiming this toward all the gals out there.

So, if you are losing the battle of the bulge and want to turn things around fast, just keep reading the rest of this article.

Great Female Exercises For Weight Loss

Walking on a treadmill

Actually, this is a combination exercise. 

It’s not hard.

All you need to do is walk forward on the treadmill for a minute.  Then turn around and walk backward for the next minute.  Just keep going back and forth between the two. 

This kind of combination is something you’re body isn’t accustomed to.  So, the way your body will respond is by making it easier for you to lose weight. 

You may wonder why that is.

It’s because your body adjusts very fast to workouts.  So, if you keep doing the same exercise day after day, there’s nothing for the body to get used to anymore.  It’s too easy.  So, an exercise like this challenges it. 

An added bonus to walking backwards is that it works different muscles than walking forwards.  So, your legs may be a little sore the next morning.

If you give this a try, you will see results.  I promise.

Jump on a bench

This is another great exercise.  All you have to do is jump on a bench and land on both feet.  Once you’re on the bench, just jump back down.  You want to do this for 60 seconds straight. 

Do 4 sets of this, and rest a minute between sets.  Try to do this exercise 3 times a week. This will really get you heart rate elevated, which is great for fast weight loss.

Those are 2 of the very best female exercises for weight loss.  Try them and you’ll know what I mean. 

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