1) Brisk Walking
2) Aerobics
3) Swimming
4) Gymnasium and
5) Playing Sports

a) Brisk Walking: The best way to start your day is walking. You can start your weight loss regime with brisk walking. A brisk `30 minute walk` in the morning is helpful. A good walk in fresh air can do miracles in reducing your weight, but is a slow and gradual process and demands time and patience. For you to see visible changes in your weight, one should have patience.  One should be particular in walking everyday and make it a habit.  Your metabolism start showing effects as soon as there is a daily regime of the distance walked and how brisk it is. It has been shown that Jogging is 10 times better than just having a Sprint for a while. It could show better effects if the time or the length of the path can be increased because the more you walk the better will be the digestive system with reduced weight due to burning of calories in huge amounts.

b) Aerobics: Aerobics means dancing of the human body on music in the form of exercise. The movement of the body defines the perfection and the flexibility with delicateness to reduce weight in a form of burn-out exercises for longer hours with less food consumption. It is a great way to loosen and burn those calories. There are two types of aerobics: hard impact aerobics and low impact aerobics. To reduce weight immediately one has to thoroughly exercise rigorously till one starts perspiring or gets exhausted. Women should do Light Impact Aerobics whereas Men can take up hard impact regime to achieve their target of weight Loss.

c) Swimming: To reduce weight through swimming is a refreshment procedure as some are professionals of swimming whereas others take it as fun. Doing just a few laps of the pool will give a whole body workout and burn the extra calories. Be careful of what you eat immediately after having a swim.

d) Gymnasium: Work-outs at gym requires step-by-step procedure through the exercise by the  trainer to instruct you systematically the exercise needed for reducing weight of the body at the specified parts. A Treadmill is the most essential tool for anyone who wants to burn the fats.

e) Playing Sports: Sport requires physical activity to burn out that extra weight from your body. Cricket requires running in excess, squash, badminton; Lawn and Table Tennis, etc. are some of those examples that help reduce the fat with healthy results.


This article talks about how weight loss can come through exercise rather than through weight loss surgery . Please refer to your obesity surgeon for more details.

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