A good workout can be started at home or at your neighborhood itself, and there is no need for you to waste your money in hiring a personal Trainer or going to an expensive gym for your daily workout. There are a number of simple exercises that can be done on a regular basis to achieve a robust body. These simple exercises help in secretion of a necessary hormone known as endorphin in the body, thus making the body much more relaxed and lighter. A few exercises are discussed below:

Walking: Walking is the best and the simplest of all the exercises. It keeps your heart rate steady. Walking can be done at any time, but the best is to go out for a walk at the time of dawn. This provides you with a fresh essence of air, thereby soothing your whole body. For beginners the steps should be slow and the distance covered should also be less. After acclimatization, you can increase the speed of your movement along with the distance covered by you.
Jogging: Jogging is another a healthy and a simple exercise that can practically be followed by anyone. You can choose the nearby park for jogging. To increase your interest in this process, its better to go with your friends or some other good company. This also helps you to maintain the schedule, which is otherwise difficult to be followed if you go alone.
Riding a bicycle: This is a very effective and an enjoyable method to loose weight. It helps in burning your calories and at the same time relaxes the mind. It is a very beneficial activity and can be followed daily for a fast result.
Crunches: Crunches is a form of exercise that mainly concentrates on the excessive fat laden part of the body, that is, the abdomen. In this exercise the person should lie down on a flat surface or a mat and bend his knees. Then he should bring his upper part of the chest towards the knees. This step should be followed several times. Proper inhalation and exhalation processes should be followed while doing the exercise. The crunches can be made more difficult with the passage of time and after becoming comfortable with the exercise.
Bicep Curls: This exercise provides a good workout for the upper portion of the body. You need to hold either dumbbells or filled water bottles in your both hands to start with the exercise. The knees should be slightly bent and then you should fold your elbows inwards.
Lunges: This exercise provides a god workout for the lower part of the body. Its main target is the glutes muscles. To begin with the exercise you need to separate your legs and then lower your body in such a position that the rear leg nearly touches the floor. The back should not be bent. After some time, reverse the leg positions and repeat the same process. For a better result you can hold some weight in your hands (dumbbells or filled water bottles).

Following these simple and easy exercises will benefit you to a great extend for perfect weight loss.

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