How to get rid of belly fat? You’ve tried different exercises and diets but you still haven’t been able to achieve the flat stomach of your dreams.
Today, we’re gonna look at some core-sculpting breathing exercises from the world of yoga.

It’s called pranayama, and it’s a breathing technique that’s an integral part of yoga. You see, “prana” is the universal life force and energy that’s present in all living beings, and “ayama” means “to extend.” So, pranayama seeks to lengthen a person’s life force through breathing. Among its many health benefits, it works specifically for weight loss by reducing appetite, increasing metabolism, cleansing and balancing the digestive system, and burning fat. Most importantly, though, it reduces stress and prevents stress-related diseases.

Pregnant women, those who suffer from respiratory problems, and anyone with a heart condition should not do pranayama exercises. If you’re new to yoga, it’s better to try these techniques with an instructor first. Build some experience, and then you can do them yourself at home safely. The exercises should be done on an empty stomach. For the best results, do them first thing in the morning.

#1. Diaphragmatic breathing 2:00
#2. Stomach vacuum 2:38
#3. Skull shining breath 3:20
#4. Alternating nostril breathing 3:47
#5. Bellows breathing 4:35
#6. Humming bee breathing 5:02
#7. Deep breathing 5:39
#8. Abdominal lock 6:15

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– Diaphragmatic breathing is safe for beginners. It helps burn fat on top of the abdominal muscles.
– Stomach vacuum aims to strengthen your deep inner abdominal muscles and burn visceral fat. That’s the fat under your muscles, surrounding your organs.
– Skull shining breath not only burns belly fat but also gives you a nice boost of energy.
– Bellows breathing. Take approximately one second for each inhale and exhale. The inhale and exhale should be fast and your stomach should jolt with each movement. If you incorporate alternating nostril breathing into your daily routine, do 5 to 10 cycles.
– Humming bee breathing. For daily practice, do 5 to 10 cycles of this technique.
– Deep breathing. You can start with 3 to 5 minutes of deep breathing if you’re a beginner.
– You can do abdominal lock while standing or on your knees on a mat.

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