Question by Emily B: Weight loss Plan???
Okay, I am 15, 16 in sept and 5’4 weigh 145-150 (it fluctuates) anyway, i think im a little too pudgy so i am going to try and lose 20-30 lbs. my mom got one of those bender ball thingys and i plan on using it 3-4 times a week and jogging 20-30 min on my treadmill the days i dont use it. I am also starting a 1200-1400 calorie diet with lots of fruits and veggies and limited amounts of meat, which isnt that unusual for me, bcuz i just dont like meat that much. any way, to the question does this sound like it will be an effective and healthy weight loss plan, also how long do you think it will take to reach my goal it if follow this plan??? thanks for your help
oh i also figured i should mention that i do marching band. Starting next week through the 27th of August i will have full band camp that includes 3-4 hrs outside working and then after that i will be doing a total of 8 hrs of practice a week through november

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Answer by XiaoZhen
Your exercise and diet is fine. Just cut your simple carbs, fast food and junk.

I am on low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein and a hour brisk walk 5 times a week, and I have lost 31lbs and gain better health. I am now maintaining my 108lbs for more than a year.

Details such as meals, recipes, walking as an exercise and to shape the body etc etc, are in my blog

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