Question by : Weight loss help and diet?
Hi I’m 14 and want to lose weight {don’t judge me please} I’m 5’5″ and 126 pounds and am a 36B so obviously I am a girl lol so here is what I want to do basically. I want to get a flatter stomach and get from a size 7 pair of jeans to a size 0 if it can be accomplished. I also have a really flat butt and I want a rounder butt so my butt with actually look good in jeans. I need help I go to school and play basketball about 3 and a half hours a week and it sometimes varies. I basically don’t do anything else active during the day since I go to school. I eat at 7:30am 10am 12:30pm 3:30pm and 7pm. What should I eat for breakfast snack lunch snack again and dinner? Sorry this is so long thank you to those who read this any information helps 🙂 even if u can’t answer everything

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Answer by Augustine
You can start by using this website

It worked for me, so I hoped that it works for you too!


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