Question by Kerry: Weight Loss – Diets, exercise, pills, surgery, etc.?
Okay. What’s the best weight loss path? I’ve always been a “bigger” girl (average weight was always somewhere between 150-160; I am 5’6) but the past few years I’ve gained like 40 pounds! I don’t feel like I eat much different so I don’t know if it’s the “getting older” thing or not?! I’d like to lose around 30-50 pounds… I’m not in a huge hurry. I maintain my current weight fine, but I can’t seem to lose much. I don’t work out religiously but I do work out a couple times a week and do physical activity.. (walking the dog, taking the stairs at work, ice skating, swimming, etc.) I’m currently doing the “fake mayo clinic” diet.. Pretty much no carbs, grapefruit juice and lots of protein. I did this diet once when I was like 18-19 and lost 20-ish pounds and kept it off for years. However, this diet doesn’t seem to have the effects it did when I was younger.

When I work out, my friends always say “too much of just running (or any one thing) won’t work”.. So what is the right approach? Everyone always has something negative to say about everything. I want to hear from former chubby people! 🙂

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Answer by EddySays
80% of weight loss is diet.
You can eat a healthy diet and lose weight.
You can eat a healthy diet and exercise and lose more weight.
You can exercise and eat a poor diet and not lose and even gain weight.
A good healthy diet high in fiber, lean meats, eggs, complex carbohydrates, whole grains, antioxidant foods, healthy beverages and low in added sugar and salt help people lose weight, lower cholesterol, increase energy, improve brain function, lower blood pressure, reduce cancer risk and have a more positive lifestyle!
You need to eat a lot more food and a lot more fiber!
Diets that exclude foods from any food group are fad diets and do not lead to permanent weight loss or solve any other health issues.
First, try to kick your fiber intake to 40 grams of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
Whatever you do, get your fiber from your food, not from a jar.
Fruits and vegetables have good fiber in them. A high fiber diet increases the metabolism.
Try a breakfast cereal with at least 20% of recommended daily allowance of fiber in it. They are usually low in sugar so there is a double benefit. Blueberries or raspberries on top add more fiber and antioxidants. But fresh or frozen, not the kind in syrup.
Raw nuts are a great source of fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants. Avocados are the best.
Lots of beans, peas, and grains are high fiber. Whole grain breads. Fiber kicks up the metabolism so you actually burn more calories. These foods will give you more gas in the beginning but if eaten daily, the bacteria in the digestive tract will elevate lowering the gas output.
This will get you on the path for a healthy daily bowel movement. This helps clean the system and aids healthy digestion.
I know it goes against everything you’ve heard but eating lots of the right foods will actually help you lose weight!
Next, take an age appropriate basic daily multivitamin. Don’t look at your multivitamin as nutrition but more as an insurance policy. Think of it as filling in the gaps in your daily diet as opposed to a primary source of nutrients.
You have to drink lots of water to be healthy. But you can disguise it. Fill your glass all the way full with ice before pouring low sugar beverages. Try iced green tea with a splash of orange juice in it for sweet. More antioxidants. Add lemon juice to water for flavor. Slice up a cucumber and float it in pitcher of water. Gives it salty fresh taste. But you must drink up to 100 oz of water daily to help your body get rid of waste and the natural toxins.
Last, you need to get 7-10 hours of quality sleep depending on your age. All recent sleep studies report a connection between poor sleep and weight gain.
You must combine a healthy diet with exercise to multiply the benefit. Whether an hour a day in the weight room or just a 30 minute brisk walk every day, the added benefit of a regular exercise program really do increase and accelerate healthy weight loss.

I lost 30 pounds in 5 months by spending my money at the grocery and gym and have kept it off for two years now. 3% of people that attempt weight loss lose it and keep it off for two years. It is not easy. It is a lifestyle change.
Good luck and good health.

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