Question by princess: Weight loss diet for diabetics?
My mum has diabetes (type 2), arthritis, high blood pressure, cholesterol problem. Her weight is 90 kg and she really needs to lose 49 kg, she really does need to lose weight
, it making her health worse… Doctors everyone is saying that she needs to lose weight.
She was being slack but now she has sworn to get in shape and stay commited. She isn’t use to exercising since she has been slack. So she has started going on walks.
However, diet plays an important role when it comes to losing weight. She asked the doctor, there’s nothing that is dangerous for her except for sugar. Also, she’ll start going to the gym after sometime.
I am as old as her and I don’t know how would I lose weight at her age and what things she can or can’ t do.
So what are the things u must not eat when losing weight. What are the things that are she should eat? I know the general things like no junk, deep fried food… But specifically, what should one have a lot and what should be avoided. Like potatoes, rice, nuts….

All answers are appreciated 🙂

Princess 🙂

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Answer by Deddy Bear
Sorry to hear about your mum, but it seems the doctors are being hacks. 40kg’s will make her malnurished and anoxeric. Now a little weight loss is good but losing over half her current body weight come on. Diabetice will kill her is she mistreats her body but anoxeria will killher a hell of a lot quicker. I’d go get a second opinion your doc sounds like a first class quack.

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