In this article, we are going to consider how you can lose weight quickly, effectively and permanently. The key to fast weight loss is to convince your brain that you have had actually enough to eat – that you have actually consumed your daily allowance of calories when in fact you have not. If you can fill your stomach before you consume that allowance, then you are well on the way to shedding those extra pounds.

Without even getting into calorie-counting, we need to realise that there are certain foods that are absolutely your allies when it comes to weight-loss. For example – perhaps this will surprise you – strawberries! Yes, amazing as it may seem, strawberries are super-speed foods for tacking excess fat. Why? Because it takes more calories to digest them than they provide.

In fact fruit – generally – is extremely good stuff, not just for the vitamins and minerals it provides, but as a weapon for achieving really amazing results very swiftly. Think about it this way: in 100g of apples (about quarter of a pound) there is about 47 calories whereas in 100g of Chocolate, there are about 500 calories.

Now which is easier to eat – 100g of apples or 100g of chocolate? Right – the chocolate would go down no problem at all, but the apples would take a bit of eating. Now ask yourself: which would leave you feeling more satisfied, from a pure hunger point of view. Right again – the apples. And there, in essence is the answer to your weight problems – staring you right in the face.

You need to make a list of the foods that share the qualities of apples and strawberries; and then commit yourself to getting as much of them into your diet as you possibly can. By doing this, you will be displacing the less healthy foods; and you will be filling your stomach before you reach your calories limit; leading to rapid, healthy and permanent weight loss.

Here are my top foods for rapid weight loss:

Top 10 Vegetables
• Asparagus
• Beet Root
• Broccoli
• Cabbage
• Carrot
• Cauliflower
• Green Beans
• Spinach
• Turnip
• Tomato (yes – I know it’s a fruit really)

Top 10 Fruits
• Apple
• Berries (all kinds)
• Grapefruit
• Mango
• Orange
• Peach
• Pineapple
• Raspberry
• Strawberry
• Watermelon

Now, you can do this! Just think how you can make a great start to each day by having a breakfast that consists of some of that fruit listed above and perhaps also a little low-fat yoghurt, for example – really delicious as well as healthy; and all super-foods to boot! Now when it comes to lunch, you can get some healthy vegetables down your neck if you go for a vegetable soup.

For your evening meal, have something you enjoy so you don’t feel like you are on any kind of diet; but make sure you eat some of those super vegetables along with whatever is the main dish; and you can make great choices there too including chicken, fish and lean meat. Stay away from the potatoes, in all their forms, for speedy results.

Follow this simple plan for just two months and you will see the results. Just two months – you could do that easily. And who would have thought that getting rid of that weight you have been trying you lose could really happen that quickly?

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