According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) there are over 300,000 deaths each year that are directly related to being overweight. That is a lot of people that are losing their lives only because they are unable to break bad habits and take control of their lives. I do understand that there are some individuals who, due to physiological malfunction end up with weight issues that they are unable to control through diet and exercise, but the majority of individuals that I have worked with are just caught up in life and all of a sudden find themselves with a weight problem.

Why do we gain weight? There are a number of factors that can lead to increased body weight, some of which are physiological and are only controlled through medical intervention. Some people are more prone to gaining weight due because of hereditary factors (although this issue has been the cause of some controversy) but, the majority of people end up in lifestyles and situations that do not allow them the activity that would help them to keep their weight in check. Of course there is always the “Lazy” factor.

Gaining weight is generally not any big mystery, it is really quite simple. If you have a balloon and blow air into it twice, then it blows up to a certain size. If you let the air out the balloon once again goes limp. If you puff into the balloon 5 times, but only allow the opening to let the amount of 4 puffs out, then your balloon will be a little bigger with one puff of air in it. 10 puffs of air and let out only 5, and the balloon is bigger still.

Consider your body. We consume calories (puffs of air) in the form of food. If we take in 5 puffs of calories and only let out 4 puffs of calories, then we are keeping extra air, or in this case, we have more calories in our body than we need. These extra calories (puffs of air) end up making us larger in size by turning into fat tissue. So, if we get rid of the same amount of calories (puffs of air) that we in each day, we will stay the same size. If we take in more, we will grow larger. If we take in less, we will get smaller.

So, I’m supposed to swallow a balloon? If I am not mistaken, that is one way that physicians used to (and maybe still do) control people’s weight. They insert a balloon into the stomach and inflate it so that it fills up part of the stomach cavity. The theory is that it will make a person feel full so they won’t eat as much. I am not suggesting that putting a balloon in your stomach is the answer. I believe that there are far easier methods that you can use to experience weight loss.

The simple fact is that if you expend more calories than you take in, then you will lose unwanted pounds. There are other factors that can go into losing weight. Many foods that we have available to us can actually help to speed up weight loss. Combinations of foods can give us better nutrition. The U.S. Government has nutritional guidelines at their website that are very helpful. You can access these at

Mr. Bates has been working with individuals and athletes helping them overcome weight issues for over 35 years. He has worked as a personal trainer as well as a gymnastics coach. For more weight loss information click here
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Mr Bates now works as a Performance Psychology Consultant helping people to work with and stay on their weight loss or self-improvement programs so they will achieve success.

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