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Full Body Cardio Workout to Burn Fat Fast | Dena Psychetruth Weight Loss Training

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Full Body Cardio Workout to Burn Fat Fast | Dena Psychetruth Weight Loss Training
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Full Body #Cardio #Workout to Burn Fat Fast | Dena Psychetruth #WeightLoss Training

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Top Three Weight Training Exercises For Women

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Weight Training Exercises For Women should be done using free weights or body weight methods rather than relying on machines that only provide a limited range of motions. Therefore, you are exposing your joints to more movements.

I will explain three exercises for women to include in their routines, and that way you won’t limit your joints to limited movements.

Perform Lunges Instead Of Using Leg-Extension Machines

I would pick lunges over leg-extension machines any time of the day, and I challenge you to test it out and see for yourself. Lunges are effective in building the thigh muscles all around and give nice movements to your hips and knee joints.

You also work on coordination and balance since you are not sitting (in the case of the leg-extension machine, but you are exercising one leg at a time with the various forms of lunges.

Frog Leaps Instead Of Using The Hamstring-Curls Machine

This is a powerful exercise for your legs, and it will give your hamstrings a good muscle stimulus.  Again, the “frog leap” exercise requires balance; therefore, I recommend you to start with a slow pace and gradually increase it to the maximum.

One more bonus that is wonderful to have for many fitness trainees is that you will burn more calories than using the Hamstring Curls Machine.

This leg exercise is basic and simple to follow, but it is not easy to do because it is a physically demanding type of movement.  However, the rewards are worth trying; so I encourage you to practice until you become good at it.

Instructions: You will be basically standing wider than a hip-width apart and your feet pointing straight forward.

Bend the knees to almost half-way down; then spring your whole body forward mimicking the frog leap.  When you land on your feet, make sure you bend the knees to absorb the impact as smoothly as possible.

Repeat for the desired repetitions.  But usually for this explosive movement exercise doing 5 to 10 leaps/repetitions is sufficient.

Body Weight Squats Instead Of Using The Leg-Press Machine

Performing body weight squats is a challenge for so many individuals due to not getting used to it because of sitting on chairs for longer period of times.

Many individuals in underdeveloped countries and remote villages that live a primitive type of lifestyle and have no chairs can actually do full squats and chat with others for an hour or two with no issue whatsoever.

Squat movements have other physiological benefits besides building strong legs, but this will be talked about in another topic.  But I strongly recommend to those doing body weight squats that you gradually practice to perform full squats until your muscles can do this with no discomfort.

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Weight Training Exercises of the Champions

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People who go the gym either go for two reasons: to trim down or to bulk up. These are two different objectives that require completely different sets of training. If your aim is to tone up and sculpt your body, then watch your calorie intake and do heavy cardiovascular workouts. If you want to build bigger muscle, you will need to load up on calories and undertake intense weight training exercises designed to pack on the pounds.

Let us look into the latter objective for this article. For those looking to gain a significant amount of body mass, professionals suggest high intensity training of 45-75 minutes. This will mean that your cardio exercises will have to be done only select days of the week and only minimally. Take a maximum of a 90 second break in between sets to get the most out of each session you clock in.

You will find many equipment and new fancy exercise techniques out today but the simplest ones are usually the most effective. Nothing can replace the power of squats in leg exercises. Alter the position of your legs and you can specifically target portions of your leg area. Calf raises is a good supplement to squats.

There are differing opinions on what is the most helpful chest exercise one can use. Bench press is the classic go-to for building a barrel chest for men and leaving it out is like eating a hamburger without the meat. However, many people have gone without the bench press and attest to having better results with flyes and pullovers instead. There is no right or wrong answer, you do what your body responds best to but the key is to alter the weights and movements so your body will be challenged to perform better.

Bench dips and bicep curls are the staple in working out big arms. As you progress in your training, make it a point to increase the weight you take in. You will feel and see the difference quite soon. Your arms will feel sore after a rewarding session in the gym but refrain from overtraining them if they still feel sore. This will do more harm than good in building up the bulk.

You can work your back with pull-ups and your shoulders with the military press. Of course there are many exercises that you could use for these muscle groups but these have proven their worth in many bodybuilders’ programs. Change it up every two to six weeks. Your body needs to be constantly challenged to push itself for weight training exercises to work.

Because you are aiming to put on weight and bulk, strong cardio workouts are not recommended. However, make sure you still put in time to do sports or light running once every one to two weeks. Even if your goal is not to trim down, your heart will do well with it.

Lastly, make weight training exercises count by giving it your all. You can trick yourself by rushing into reps and sets with poor form and half hearted energy; but you cannot fool your body. Go into every session strong. Not only will you build bigger muscle, you will feel better about yourself when you’re done.

Emmanuel Palmer keeps up to date on ways to build bigger muscle. You too can have a great body by performing key Weight Training Exercises you can find in this website today.

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Entire week weight training routine simple and effective

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Interval Training Sprint Workout – Burn Fat Effectively!

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Interval Training Sprint Workout - Burn Fat Effectively!

Visit for great information about fitness, nutrition, and health, as well as great workout videos such as this one!

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The workout!

1. Sprint to the 50 yard line and then jog back

6 sets
2. Tuck Jumps — 6 reps followed immediately by a 50 yard sprint and then walk back

3 sets
3. Plyo Pushup — 6 reps followed immediately by a 50 yard sprint and then walk back

3 sets
4. Skier Hops — 6 reps followed immediately by a 50 yard sprint and then walk back

3 sets
5. Cooldown!

take a light jog to cooldown

Finding Used Weight Training Equipment

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Weight training can be a great way to lose weight and pack on muscle in a matter of weeks so finding equipment that can help you train is an all important task. Whenever you are looking into buying anything used you have to worry about buying something worn down and of low quality so make sure before you buy any equipment you test it out for wear and tear. Besides the quality of the equipment you have to look at the price, purchasing used brand names can cost just about as much as new generic off brand sets, so make sure you aren’t going to waste your money on a brand name.

So if you are looking for ways to find used weight training equipment the first thing you want to do is check out what is available locally. Pawn shops are a great place to purchase used anything at a great price, so I would start by taking a visit to some of your local pawn shops and checking out their inventory to see if they have any weight training equipment. If you visit all of your local pawn shops but are unable to find any used weight training equipment then you should check out what is available through classified ads.

Looking though the ads in your local paper can be a great way to find used weight training equipment that someone is getting rid of due to space issues, or because they are buying a new set. If there is nothing listed in your local paper the next step you want to take is checking out if there are any other local ads listed on Craigslist. Craigslist is used every day by hundreds of thousands of people for buying and selling so if you haven’t found anything locally so far don’t give up. The only problem you can run into when purchasing something from a listing on Craigslist is the guarantee you are buying a well made piece of equipment for the price you are paying. You want to always meet the seller in person before you make any sort of payment to avoid getting scammed.

If you have been unable to find any used weight training equipment locally through ads and pawns hops the next step is to hit the internet. There are several sites you can visit and purchase used weight training equipment that are reliable and trustworthy. You aren’t going to find much used equipment by going to those major manufacturers websites but you may be able to get a good enough deal on a set that you can buy new, but for finding used equipment you want to check out auctioneer sites. These sites will have products listed for sale over the course of several days while people bid on them. In the end the product, in this case the used weight training equipment is sold to the highest bidder whenever the action ends.

So overall there are several methods to find used weight training equipment all you have to do is look around locally or check out what is available online.

To find out more about cheap weight training equipment, be sure to give us a visit. If you’re a student, why not read about weight gear for college students?