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9 Ways to Lose Weight for Super Lazy People

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9 Ways to Lose Weight for Super Lazy People

Many of us want to get the perfect body for the summer, but not so many want to go through dieting or an extensive workout. If you wanna skip on the gym and still lose those extra pounds quick and effortlessly, then you’ll like what we have in store for you – the totally unexpected secret super effective tips to lose weight that’ll work for even the laziest people.
A lot of us have pretty much zero self-control when it comes to having a plate of delicious food in front of us. A surprising way to set your limits is to tie a ribbon around your waist before every meal. When you feel it becoming too tight, that’s the signal for you to stop eating.
Whenever you’re putting together a healthy menu for yourself, you shouldn’t forget about beverages. And don’t worry about just drinking water or sugar-free stuff. All you have to do is drink what you like from a tall glass.
Researchers from England’s Loughborough University have made a very interesting discovery: hot water doesn’t just help you relax, it can also make you lose weight.
Try subscribing to healthy diet groups on social media. They can give you some scrumptious ideas and inspire you to diversify your menu.
It might sound strange, but even your place at the table can make a difference when it comes to your weight. It’s pure logic: when you sit at a table surrounded by extremely tempting foods, it’s almost impossible not to eat them. But if you sit at the end of the table, you’re likely to skip out on certain foods simply because they’re harder to reach.
Another great way to trick yourself into eating less is to cut your food into small pieces. This will give your brain the impression that there’s more on the plate than there actually is. Thanks to this, you’ll feel full much faster and won’t overeat.
You’ll really like this discovery from Carnegie Mellon University: scientists there claim that an imaginary lunch helps us eat less in actual life.

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Tighten your belt 0:24
Drink from tall glasses 1:00
Eat with a timer 1:47
Take hot baths 2:28
Always keep a bowl of fruit on the table 3:00
Sit at the end of the table 3:37
Do something rewarding before eating 4:19
Cut food into small pieces 4:58
Use your imagination 5:28

-Just tie a ribbon around your waist before every meal. When you feel it becoming too tight, that’s the signal for you to stop eating.
-We pour 20-30% less liquid into tall thin glasses than we do short ones, so drink what you like from a tall glass.
-Whenever you’re about to sit down to a meal, set a timer for 20 minutes and try to eat slowly.
-Hot water doesn’t just help you relax, it can also make you lose weight. Plus, your blood sugar levels decrease by 10%.
-When you constantly see healthy foods, you program yourself to eat healthier.
-If you sit at the end of the table, you’re likely to skip out on certain foods simply because they’re harder to reach.
-If you’ve decided to follow a healthy diet and be more conscientious about what you eat, try to do something nice before having a meal.
-Cutting your food into small pieces will give your brain the impression that there’s more on the plate than there actually is.
-An imaginary lunch can help you eat less in actual life. There’s no harm in daydreaming about mouth-watering meatballs, donuts, or soft chocolate chip cookies.

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In 3 Days Loss Your Weight Super Fast | NO DIET NO EXERCISE

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An Amazing Way to Lose Your Weight Super Fast, No Diet No Exercise, Just In 3 Days Loss Your Weight and Belly Fat.

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Super Fast Fat Loss

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Most exercise programs only look at how many calories you burned during your workout. This is why traditionally we are taught that we have to do long, slow, boring and tedious workouts like jogging or cycling if we want to lose fat. This is however NOT the case! EPOC is an acronym in exercise science that stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. This refers to the calories and fat burning that occur after a workout. After a workout, your body must recover and return back to its normal state. Your body repairs broken muscle fibres, re-stocks glycogen levels which have been depleted, removes lactic acid from muscles, and brings down the heart rate and body temperature. All of these processes require calories and the majority of these come from fat calories. The degree of your EPOC is directly related to the INTENSITY of your workout. The harder you can workout, the more disrupt all of the measures listed above are and therefore the more energy (calories) your body will burn to bring them back down to normal again. A great way to get your EPOC levels really high is High Intensity Interval Training. One of our favourite High Intensity Interval Workouts is a very simple but very effective way in which to increase your EPOC levels.Make sure you warm up first.The Tabata Sprint as fast as you can for 20 seconds, recover for 10 seconds Repeat this process for eight rounds. Thats 4 minutes in total. We then want you to rest for 4 minutes. Follow this by a further eight rounds of 20 seconds of sprinting and 10 seconds of recovery. The workout should last 12 minutes.Lets compare this workout to jogging for one hour

Jogging vs Tabata Intervals

Was the workout fun?
jog= No tabata = yes

How many Calories burned in the session?
jog= 512 in 1 hour tabata = 234 in 12 mins

How many Calories burned in 24 hours?
jog= 588 in 24 hours tabata= 897 in 24 hours

Was it an efficient use of time?
jog= No tabata= Yes

Energy systems worked?
jog= Aerobic tabata= Aerobic and Anaerobic

Did it boost my metabolism?
jog= No tabata= Yes

You will notice that one hour of jogging burned more calories compared to the 12 minutes of High Intensity Intervals, but with jogging your intensity levels are very low so there is minimal disruption on your EPOC levels resulting in only a few more calories burned over the 24 hour period. On the other hand the High Intensity Interval EPOC was massively disrupted resulting in significantly more calories burned over the 24 hours period. A study at Lavel University in Quebec published in the journal called Metabolism in 1994 showed that High Intensity Interval Training burned significantly more calories of body FAT compared to Steady- state Endurance exercise. Researchers calculated and concluded that each calorie burned with High Intensity exercises burns off 9 times MORE FAT, than a calorie burned during steady-state endurance exercise. To Conclude The more intense your workout, even if its for a short time, the higher your EPOC.The higher youre EPOC the more calories from FAT you will BURN

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Dr. Tobias Super Digestive Enzymes, Plant-Based

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Dr. Tobias Super Digestive Enzymes, Plant-Based

Dr. Tobias Super Digestive Enzymes, Plant-Based

  • SUPPORTS PROPER DIGESTION WITH EACH MEAL: Helps digest multiple food groups. As one of the most complete digestive enzyme formulas on the market, Optimum Digest is formulated with a diverse range of 18 different enzymes to help you digest more easily
  • QUALITY MADE IN THE USA, ACCORDING To cGMP STANDARDS. Use with pride and confidence.
  • HELPS SUPPORT GLUTEN DIGESTION WITH ASPERGILLOPEPSIN. Supports overall digestion and immune system for you to feel healthy.
  • HELPS PROCESS DIFFICULT-TO-DIGEST FOODS AND REDUCE OCCASIONAL POST-MEAL GAS. Discover a new ease after lunch breaks, get togethers and during stressful work days.
  • BROAD ENZYME SPECTRUM TO SUPPORT YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Enzymes that help with the digestion of milk sugar in dairy products, of beans, legumes and vegetables, and proteins. Theses digestive enzymes also help digest carbohydrates (also in plant foods and grains), difficule to digest fiber and grains, plant wall. They also help break down sucrose, fats, fruit and vegetables, phytic acid in nuts and grains.

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