9 Seed Peat Pots Hanging Strawberry Garden From GardeningProducts4Less! Enjoy Fresh Berries for Breakfast Even in the Winter! Fast Production, Begins Fruiting in Just 60 Days! Now You Can Pick Delicious Juicy Strawberries From Your Very Own Strawberry Tree! Delicious, Tasty, Perfect for Fruit Salads, Spring, Summer Cocktail Drinks. Blueberry, Blackberry, Grapes, Raspberry, Seeds, Pancakes, Breakfast, Weight Loss Shakes, Fat Loss Diet Fruit. Plants, All Natural, Gourmet Food, Organic Fruits.

  • Enjoy Fresh Berries For Breakfast Even In The Winter
  • Begins fruiting in Just 60 Days
  • Each order comes with an 8″ Hanging Basket, 3 Plants and Easy Care Planting Instructions
  • The more you pick the ripened fruit, the more new fruit is produced
  • Plants yield continuously all season

We think you’ll agree that this is the most beautiful, decorative planting idea imaginable. These new hanging strawberry plants are so eager to bear fruit, they start flowering and fruiting in just 60 days. Then they set an exceptional number of strong runners and daughter plants that also flower and bear delicious fruit.

Star-like flowers – juicy berries. What’s more, these bonus plants produce flowers and fruit whether rooted in soil or not, making them ideal for hanging baskets. Imagine havi


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