It’s important to state before hand that you cannot weight train without bodybuilding equipment. Otherwise you will be restricted to sit ups, crunches and other stretching activities that will get you nowhere near a great physique. The right equipment is a must if you plan to do some serious bodybuilding work.

Choosing the right equipment involves several things. First determine the type of equipment that you want, either for losing weight, gaining, or bodybuilding. Then establish its capabilities. You are advices to seek professional guidance. Bodybuilding gear is designed in attractive ways so don’t be fooled by the design. Rather buy functionality not look and feel. Also chose facilities that allow you to do work outs that are specific to you. Do not be afraid to try out before making the purchase.

Some must have gear include:

Weight bench: This is ideally for building large body muscles. It includes a pair of bar bells of varying weights. These can be accordingly varied depending on the required strain.

Weights: They come in form of rubber coated, plastic filled, cast iron, standard weights et cetera. They are the most crucial in any bodybuilding endeavor.

Power racks: These are composite set ups with a host of different sitting positions to allow you perform various bodybuilding routines such as heavy weights, lifts, pull ups, dip bars, pulleys and so on. These are great routines for getting your arms to look busty and veiny.

Dumbbells: These are very useful as they are mobile and can be conveniently carried to anywhere. They are a great work out routine for one suffering from arthritis and back pains. If used under water, they can be of great help in toning your arms as most of the weight will be held up by the water.

Micro-weights: These are used for varying the resistance of your lifts by several pounds in difference. The increase in resistance will aid in the development of your muscles.

Cardio-equipment: They warm up the body in readiness for a work out session. This is necessary to adjust your body from a state of inactivity to that of intense activity as in bodybuilding. Skipping this step may result in injury. This gear is normally a jump rope or a bike.

Roman chair: This is crucial in bringing out that eight-pack. It involves a series of complex twists and crunches while sitted on the chair.

Curl bench: This is a device that helps curve out the biceps and other muscles. It helps in getting that ripped look.

Over-exercising: Having a gym at home may tempt one into getting into exercise mode all the time. Be forewarned that this may cause injury that may be irreparable. Take day long breaks to help your body relax and get refreshed before another session of work outs.

In closing, it is advisable to get a professional trainer to check your progress regularly. Good gear alone does not result in a great body, but if used properly coupled with a good diet and enough rest, the muscles will curve out in no time.

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