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5 Quick and Cheap Healthy Meals | ReNew Clinic

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5 Quick and Cheap Healthy Meals | ReNew Clinic

If you want quick and cheap healthy meals to cut down on food costs and eat healthy, check out our video for delicious easy to prepare meals. These recipes are perfect for those on the go and you will feel good about eating!!

Click here for a print version of all of the recipes and for a comprehensive grocery list:

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Keto Diet: Quick & Easy Guacamole

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This simple avocado salad is a low-carb staple that can be prepared in just a few minutes. Best served with grain-free tortilla chips, tacos or crackers.

Full recipe:
Keto Crackers to serve:

Ingredients (makes 4-8 servings):

2 large ripe avocados (400 g/ 14.1 oz)
1 1/3 cup cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes (200 g/ 7.1 oz)
1 small white onion, chopped (60 g/ 2.1 oz)
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2-4 tbsp fresh lime juice (1-2 limes)
1 small red chile pepper
2-4 tbsp freshly chopped cilantro
1/2 tsp sea salt, or to taste
freshly ground black pepper
Note: lime juice, chile pepper, cilantro and salt should be used to taste. Start with less and add more to taste.

Nutrition facts per serving (with 4 servings):
Total carbs: 13.2 g
Net carbs: 5.4 g
Protein: 2.8 g
Fat: 14.9 g
Energy: 181 kcal (calories)
Carbs (13%) : Protein (7%) : Fat (80%)
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Diets For Quick Weight Loss

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Everybody would like to find out what are the hottest diets for quick weight loss. However, the reply isn’t in any way easy. There is almost always a possible downside somewhere. If you’re looking to buy a miracle fix I will advise you now, there isn’t one. For this reason, it’s extremely important you are aware exactly what you’re getting yourself into when considering taking any one of these kinds of weight loss plans. The subsequent piece of writing should, with any luck, give you all the tips you’re going to need to be able to make an educated choice about which diet plans could be most suitable to suit your needs.

You can generally be sure that the most widely used and talked about diet plans are most likely to be high-quality. The diet plans which are talked about are typically like that for a good reason. These diets which have established themselves to be regular high sellers over a good length of time can typically be trusted more than those which haven’t so much. Usually, newer weight loss programs or fad diet programs are generally best left aside until they have been tested in the market. Anything that is still in existence after a year should be getting some positive results.

Many weight loss plans offer you high quality free gifts in the form of down-loadable ebooks, audio tracks and video which happen to be more than just sales tricks. You can actually find out a good deal regarding the content in any program by the quality of these giveaways. Take note of how they’re made and the professionalism and reliability exhibited within the resources. What’s vital to recognize here shouldn’t be the subject matter within the free gifts, it’s more what you intend the main material to be like. After all, you get what you pay money for in today’s times, and absolutely free material is well worth every last nickle!

A few of the general requirements which every decent diet program ought to contain are; dietary material, eating options, tested recipes along with a thorough workout regimen. The leading diet plans also contain some type of metabolic typing system or calculation so that you can harness the capacity of your body’s unique fat reducing qualities. Professional diets for quick weight loss come with far more than just written content and that’s the key reason why the web based diet plans are usually the best picks. Online audio tracks coupled with web-based video are the two major reasons why the web-based diet plans out sell and beat their rivals. A lot of these diet plans offer a selection of educational and motivational materials which meet the needs of both visual and aural learning types. Let’s face it, some people purely don’t enjoy to read.

Probably one of the most critical conditions for effectively losing weight is receiving positive guidance along with the best information. This is especially critical with dieting, as situations, lame excuses and mouth watering temptations can potentially side line your dieting dreams. Several of the top diets offer e mail together with forum assistance. Be sure to pick one of these kinds of diets to begin with mainly because your probability of actually getting rid of the fat And staying lean will be improved.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that there is not actually one diet plan which is better than the next. I am aware that sounds frustrating, especially if you happen to be searching a conclusive solution. Nevertheless, unfortunately one incredible weight loss plan for one individual may very well wind up being lousy for the next guy. It all depends upon what kind of eating regimen caters to you best. There’s a wide variety of fantastic weight loss diets out there which have different ratios of activity, diet rules and rate of weight loss. It is these factors which are always the trade off in every weight loss plan. There’s absolutely no diet that will give you quick fat loss which will not involve either a substantial exercise program or extremely restrictive food plan. Similarly, weight loss programs that carry liberal dietary limits will definitely take you much longer in order to lose weight. The trick is for you to be really truthful with yourself and determine exactly what you are willing to try, or sacrifice, and choose the weight loss program which caters to you the best.

In regard to this writer: Neville Pettersson is the creator of the diets for quick weight loss comparison site. This website critiques the top diet plans such as fatloss4idiots and truthaboutabs. For more info go to:

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Quick Vegetarian Weight Loss

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A vegan diet can help you with your weight loss plan but first we must establish what a vegan diet is and the different types of vegans.

1. Some vegans only eat a strict diet of vegetables and stay strictly away from dairy products, eggs, meat, honey, processed foods, stimulants such as coffee, etc.

2. Some vegans eat a non-meat diet strictly because they believe the killing of animals is inhumane and their diet is consistent with their beliefs.

3. Some vegans have been put on a vegetarian diet due to certain health risks.

These are all good and acceptable reasons to be vegan. So whatever type of Vegan you subscribe to you can lose weight with a well-BALANCED vegetarian diet with healthy exercise.

When losing weight, however, the key is to make it attainable, and make it easy. With attainable weight loss and easy weight loss you will find yourself much more successful in the long run.  So, here are ways to make a simple vegan diet attainable and easy.


• Pick a plan that you can live with. Don’t restrict yourself too much at first. For example, if you are used to coffee in the morning, tackle that issue later. Go simple at first and once you are succeeding, move on to conquer other things.

• Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. If you cheat, or slide…so what? Go back on it next meal! There is never a reason to get mad at yourself or beat yourself up. THAT is the reason people fail. They get discouraged and quit. Even if you decide to eat only raw vegetable, yet one day you are out of food, open up a can of green beans for goodness sakes, and forget about it!  

• Control your thoughts!  The bible says the battlefield is in the mind. If you can conquer this, you have won your battle. If you keep your mind NOT on how and what and when you eat and what you did not eat and when can you eat next and …so on….you are allowing yourself to focus on the wrong things which is probably what got you over weight or unhealthy in the first place.  Eat your food, stick with your plan, and go do something else. Make your thoughts go on a diet too. Do not think about food or eating.


• Buy a variety of food to have on hand. When shopping at the grocery store, ONLY buy the types of foods on your diet. Buy fresh, maybe have some canned or frozen on hand if you run into a bind, but don’t buy chips, or other temptations making it hard on you. Get that stuff out of your pantry so you won’t have to look at it. Only have on hand the type of food you should eat even when you are cheating. Cheat with special things that you will only eat when you feel you have to cheat. For example, cheat with fresh fruit or a smoothie if you must. It will conquer the sweet tooth and help keep you on target.

• Pre-Plan what to order when at a restaurant. Know what you are choosing before you show up at the fast food place or a restaurant. Of course and most of the fast food restaurants offer many salads to choose from. Don’t even try to be tempted. Remember…the battlefield is in the mind.

Again, keep special foods onhard when you want to cheat such as special nuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, blueberries, etc. Have a special “treat” just for you keeping it within your dieting plan.

The key to a nutritionally sound vegan diet is variety so you can include fruits, vegetables, lots of different kinds of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, legumes and seeds. Be creative here!

A healthy vegetarian diet is not just cutting out certain foods such as meat. It’s about making sure you are getting ample amount of nutrients and all of your daily nutritional needs.  Do not skimp on nutrients. Learn your diet and find out what your body will need to continue and be successful!

You do not need to count calories or mess with carb counting, or weighing your food, but it would be wise to eat organically grown fruits, plants, whole grains, and natural foods.  Foods without these chemicals are better for everyone, vegan or not.

Judy Stevens writes on weight loss and weight gain with a specialty in hormonal imbalances. To read more go to or for free charts on food cravings and ideal weight go to

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Exercises to Lose Weight? – Quick Helpful Weight Loss Tips

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What are the best exercises for weight loss? It depends on your goal. Getting rid of the extra pounds, and becoming toned and trim, is the focus of an entire multi-billion dollar weight loss industry. There are diets, fad diets, supplements and more, but the real key to weight loss is exercising more and eating less. Of the two, exercises to lose weight are in many ways the most effective, because the way weight loss works is by burning more calories than you consume.

You can either reduce the calories you consume, or increase the rate you burn them at, or do both. Let’s compare those – reducing caloric intake is the essence of a diet. In order to create a weight loss, you eat less. If you’re careful about this, it won’t feel like privation (cooking at home more often, eating off of smaller plates, and being aware of how many calories are in a given serving size of dish can go a long way towards caloric restriction.)

Exercises to lose weight involve making a commitment of time. You have to do some exercises every day, or increase your level of physical activity on a constant basis – it takes about twenty to thirty minutes per day to get the benefits of this, but it doesn’t take a gut busting, chest heaving aerobic workout to make it happen. Simply walking four miles for most people will do it, and that can be arranged by parking farther away from the store and walking more.

Of course if you do want to go into organized exercise for weight loss, the best exercises to lose weight involve varying your routine. Doing resistance training and core body strength workouts three days a week and alternating with some aerobic activity on the other days gets you the best of both worlds.

Resistance and core body strength training causes your metabolism to accelerate, helping you build up muscle mass; weight lifting basically damages the muscle fibers, which get repaired stronger by the body – you need to give your body about 24 hours off after the weight lifting to get the benefits, but that doesn’t mean you don’t exercise; you switch to working on a treadmill or stationary bicycle to keep your heart rate up and burn off more calories.

For actually losing weight (as opposed to losing fat), working out aerobically is the most time efficient. For losing fat, and for building up muscle to replace it, you want to do resistance training. The best exercises to lose weight combine both approaches, and they have one other secret.

It’s called sports. Exercising to improve your performance at a specific sport – or just taking up a sport – gives you a reason to exercise – you enjoy it. If you only commit to exercises to lose weight, your weight loss program will grind to a halt when you get bored with the exercise in question. You need to find exercises, or patterns of exercises, that you’ll enjoy doing. One of the best resources for exercises that will help you lose weight is a book called Fat Loss For Idiots, which has plenty of fun exercise and diet tips to help you build a personalized, and effective, weight loss program.

If you’re looking to achieve the same success with fat and weight loss that lots of others have seen, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is the single most valuable quick fat loss diet tool for this purpose.

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