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Q&A: Exercising and Weight-Loss Plateaus…?

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Question by IndustrialGirl86: Exercising and Weight-Loss Plateaus…?
Is there an average amount of time someone can go with a certain exercise regiment before the inevitable weight-loss plateau occurs, or is it a case-by-case sort of thing? Would it be a good idea to bounce between a couple different regiments until I reach my goal weight, or would that make me plateau again?

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Answer by davion2308
Well, those were both advertisements.

Each person has a different weight plateau, though about 90% of the population never reaches it. It only comes when you are exercising an hour a day, doing a lot of cardio and weight-training and you’re eating very healthy. You can always cut a little more weight unless you’re an elite athlete or some kind of model.

I think after 9-12 months of training hard and eating very well, you’ll hit a plateau.

Like, if you’re eating nothing but raw fruits and veggies, some whole wheat pastas, and baked fished, chicken, and pork and milk, and NOTHING else, you’ll eventually plateau. I suggest you try to find a diet you enjoy and something you can live with that is successful. If you don’t enjoy, you’ll start cheating and gain weight again.

Good luck!

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