Thermogenic Fat Burner For Men and Women ● 60 Capsules ● Unique Blend for Effective Weight Loss ● Boosts Metabolism ● Increases Energy ● Fast-acting and 100% Natural – Oxy-Burn by California Products

  • We have developed the most advanced formula for weight loss using nine ingredients specifically shown to increase metabolism, improve energy levels and burn fat.
  • Effective for both men and women, you can gain incredible weight loss benefits for up to 8 hours when taking this capsule daily. When combined with exercise, the results are incredible. That’s why we have included ingredients specifically to boost your energy and focus so you can get the most out of your workouts.
  • This thermogenic fat burner is a healthy and natural way to lose weight. It’s a fast-acting formula using maximum strength and pure ingredients to suppress your appetite, increase metabolism and enhance your body’s ability to burn fat in a safe way.
  • No fillers, binders or additives. Using only the best quality ingredients in a FDA certified facility.
  • 100% money back guarantee because your satisfaction is important to us.

A unique blend of clinically proven ingredients including green tea extract and raspberry ketones ensures you are getting the most out of your weight loss efforts.

Our advanced formula offers you:

A noticeable boost in energy and focus

Increased exercise endurance

Optimized metabolism

Thermogenic fat burning

Suppressed appetite

California Products Oxy-Burn uses the purest and most natural of ingredients made in a US certifi

List Price: $ 59.99


#❶ Pure FORSKOLIN ★ Premium Fat Burner & Appetite Suppressant ★ 250mg Forskolin | FULL 90 DAY Supply ● Lose Weight or Money Back ● w/ 20% Standardized Pure, Potent Coleus Forskohlii is the Best Premium All Natural Supplement for Burning Fat & Easy Weight Loss ● Called “Lightning in a Bottle”, It Increases Metabolism & Incinerates Fat ● Ideal for Women & Men ● Melt Belly Fat Today ● 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • ★ SUPERIOR RESULTS: Forget the weak, impotent extracts offering just 10% extract or 125mg per cap. Pure Sun Naturals offers the only FULL 45 day supply of high potency standardized extract available. We go where the science tells us, and the science says you NEED high potency and high dose to experience rapid, sustainable fat loss, appetite suppression, and increased metabolism effects.
  • ★ MADE IN USA, 100% SAFE & NATURAL: Pure Sun Naturals uses only 100% safe and natural products, backed by comprehensive scientifically tested ingredients in vegetarian capsules. Every single batch we sell is guaranteed for purity by a third party lab. Our products are 100% MADE IN USA in a state of the art GMP certified, and FDA registered facility. This is the purest, safest, most potent coleus forskohlii extract on the market!
  • ★ LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE: This is an all-natural pure extract. Coleus Forskohlii has been used for ages for everything from fat loss, to boosting sexual performance, and increasing energy. Only recently was Forskolin’s effect on fat, particularly visceral fat, the deadly fat associated with cardiovascular problems. Struggling with losing those last few pounds? Ready to drop the inches around your waist you’ve packed on over the years? Regardless of where you’re starting, Pure Sun Naturals Forskolin will get you the results you desire.
  • ★ LOSE THE FAT, KEEP THE MUSCLE: Our Forskolin is a serious fat burner that specifically targets both subcutaneous and visceral at deposits, in addition to providing a serious energy boost, improving quality of sleep, and increasing your metabolism. But that’s only scraping the surface. Pure Sun Naturals Forskolin also protects your muscle during fat loss. Most fat burners will burn fat and muscle equally. Not so with our Forskolin; it specifically targets the fat and protects muscle, helping you get a slim and lean figure quicker than ever.
  • ★ 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Order now and you’ll be protected by our 90 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you don’t experience increased metabolism, decreased appetite, and measurable fat loss in belly, thighs, chest and more, simply return the bottle for a full refund. You have nothing to lose and the risk is on us. We’ve set the standard for Customer Service, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Your Search For the Most Potent Forskolin Is Over
Tired of seeing low potency Forskolin? So were we.
When that brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get. Take out your Forskolin and put a couple capsules in your hand.
You have in your hands right now the purest 20% Standardized Forskolin Extract available. Plus, that bottle will last you 45 days. 90 days if you want to incinerate fat at a slightly slower pace.
Go ahead and take your first dose of the pu


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