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7 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss for Life!

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7 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss for Life!

Please READ this box for more info. This new year, let’s give the “Gift of Love” back to ourselves. Losing weight is one of the top new year resolutions. If one of your New Year Resolutions is to start losing weight permanently, then you have come to the right place.

Losing weight can be challenging especially if you do not have a clear starting point. Research has shown that out of the millions of people who attempt to lose weight, only 10% will see their weight loss journey through and only 5% are able to sustain their new weight in the months and years to come. I want you to be that 5%!

This video will take you step by step and to give you the knowledge and tools needed to a successful weight loss. So please grab a pen and paper, take 24 minutes of your time to watch this, write down the important points and you are ready to embark to this journey to a NEW YOU!

The ‘7 Steps’ are:
1) Find Your Inner Motivation
– Do a “Give & Take” List

2) Set Your SMART Goal
– How long will it take for me to lose the weight?
– What is the safe and sustainable weight to lose in week?
– How many calories should I consume and burn in a day?

3) Eat Mindfully
– What should I eat? Do I need to ‘go on a diet’?
– What is a clean and balance diet?
– How big should my portion be?
– How can I calculate the calories in my food?

4) Start a Workout Plan
– Can I lose weight without exercising?
– What workout should I do?
– How long should the session be and how many days should I workout?
– How many calories should I aim to burn in a workout session?
– Do I need to eat back my workout calories?

5) Keep Track of Yourself
– Write a Food & Activity Diary
– Learn to keep track of your weight loss progress (How to measure yourself accurately)

6) Get Support
– Learn to handle your saboteurs – people who might unintentionally or intentionally sabotage your weight loss plan.
– Learn to support yourself.

7) Take Action
– With all the knowledge and tools, start mapping out your weight loss goal and take action!

You are now ready to start a successful and permanent weight loss journey. I wish you the very best!

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How The KETO Diet Ruined my life

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In this video I will go over MOST of the struggles I dealt with once going Keto.
(Please note, I did my research prior to starting with the diet. I spoke with nutritionist and she helped me to figure out my macros for each week to help me continue losing weight)

I do not fully go into each point in the video so here is a more concise list of the health issues/ symptoms I started noticing after about a month into the Ketogenic lifestyle. ‘After going into carb ‘zombie mode’…

I encountered many symptoms of insulin resistance after knocking myself out of ketosis with the “know better cookie (low carb) cookie

· constant hunger
· craving carbs
· never feeling satisfied after eating
· irregular periods
· impossible to lose weight
· Extreme fatigue after meals
· brain fog
· mood swings
· not feeling rested when Awakening

I gained a total of 14/15 lbs (mostly in my face and stomach.)
I was extremely tired throughout most days.
I was very irratable, irrational, anxious/ on edge and quite frankly in a depressed/ hopeless state.

This vicious cycle continued for months before I was able to get it under control.
Even after Trying to return to a strict keto meal plan with minimal protein and only haelthy fats, the symptoms continued.
You can imagine how frustrating this was.

There’s no telling what would’ve happened if I would’ve continued forcing myself to stick to under 10carbs a day.
Maybe I would’ve finally reached optimal ketosis again, maybe I would’ve should all the symptoms and returned to health but OVERALL I WAS SO UNHAPPY after a month into the diet.
I did NOT feel comfortable eating that much fat or having to constantly to electrolytes to keep from having keto FLUs. Lacking strength and energy in my everyday workouts/ weight training made it very hard to stay motivated in reaching my fitness goals at times. I felt I often looked pale and brittle and not being able to have grapefruit was a BIG problem for me.

In Closing,
As stated. I urge each and every one of you to talk to a healthcare/ nutritional specialist prior to starting ANY diet. Especially one that involves switching your body’s metabolic fuel source.

Don’t make the mistake I did and end up having to pay the price ‘with your health’


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30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying

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Please note: If you’re watching this video please remember that you shouldn’t starve yourself and eating enough for your body is the #1 priority! These hacks are suggestions and should be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise. These are merely suggestions of what you can do but always make sure you make the right choice for your body since every body is different, always make sure you check with a doctor or nutritionist before you make drastic changes to your diet. I never starved myself at any point and always ate my meals especially if you’re growing :)!!


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This video has the best DIY weight loss life hacks video for lazy diets and people that want to lose weight fast in school or college and everyone should know them. You can use them as Back to School healthy life hacks and some life hacks will be featured soon so you don’t forget your school supplies from over sleeping! I love Pinterest inspired DIYs and skits about expectations vs reality so that may be my next video but we’ll see love, Wengie
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