Fat and Carb Blocker Stopper Absorber Dietary Supplement Lipo8, with White Kidney Bean Extract (Inhibit the Digestive Carbohydrates to Sugar) , Garcenia (Inhibit Fat Accumulate and Burn Existing Fat) and Chitosan / Chitofresh (Absorb Fat and Toxins and Clean the Gut) for Good Strategies to Control Weight 50 Capsules Bottle

  • Good strategies to Control Weight
  • Fat and Carbohydrate Blocker Dietary Supplement
  • 1. White Kidney Bean Extract 250 inhibit the digestive enzyme amylase acts on carbohydrates into sugar
  • 2. Garcenia Extract 250 prevents new fat old and fat to use as energy
  • 3. Chitosan (Chito fresh) 100 absorption of fat and toxins from food and clean your colon for Weight Control

Product Description LIPO8 (DUG) Ideal for people who are suffering from weight gain. The combination of White kidney bean extract, Garcinia Extract and Chitosan helps to eliminate the fat before it gets absorbed into the body. LIPO 8 Action to your body to burn the excess fat through food consumption. It will help to eliminate new fat from accumulating and burn the old excess fat. 1) White Bean Extract Inhibit the activity of amylase in saliva, small intestine, pancreas with a meal, whether swee