If you want to workout your legs you have to do it right. Doing it right also means doing the right exercises. Think of your legs as your foundation. If they are weak your ability to walk, run, jog, hike and so on will be limited. By strengthening them you increase your abilities to do all of those things.

There are so many leg exercises you can choose from but my two favorites are squats and lunges. Either exercise can be performed with dumbbells or straight bars, the choice is yours, but I find there is less stress on my back when I use dumbbells.

The squat routine is very popular among all who workout with weights and the exercise is performed just as it sounds. You squat down by bending at your knees until the tops of your thighs are parallel with the floor and then you slowly lift yourself back up to a standing position. If you are doing this exercise with dumbbells you will hold one of equal value in each hand. In other words one hand should not have twenty pounds while the other hand is holding thirty pounds, and both hands should always be holding weights.

With the weights in hand perform the squat just as described above, slowly lowering yourself by bending at the knees and then slowly raising yourself up back to the standing starting position. Never do more weight than you can handle and always perform the exercise to failure, meaning your body could not possibly do one more repetition of the exercise.

If you would rather use a straight bar the exercise is done exactly the same way except you place the bar behind your head and on your shoulders. If you use this method make sure you use a spotter (someone that watches you and helps you if something should go wrong). One way is not better than the other in regards to muscle development, it is more or a preference.

If you would rather do lunges to build your legs then you would be choosing another excellent routine. The way a lunge works is you alternate each leg lunging forward. Again I use dumbbells for this exercise but you can choose either method of dumbbells or straight bar.

I feel lunges give me more on my hamstrings (back of the upper leg) more so than squats and feel that my quadriceps (front of upper leg) get more work with squats than lunges.

As with any weight training exercise you do, you should start off slow to prevent injury, always move slow during all the movements and have a spotter near by to give you a hand when necessary.

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