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TRY these HIIT WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUTS at home to lose weight, tone muscles & build strength. Watch this weight loss work out video series and learn from expert Dr Sneha Desu.

Too busy or just don’t feel like hitting the gym? No worries! You can follow at home HIIT weight loss workouts trainings with basic equipment. The best part about workouts at home is that you can perform them whenever you feel like and is definitely not heavy on your pocket. So, why don’t you start right away!

# Weight loss can be achieved with a full-body exercise routine. You can lose those extra pounds by burning the excess calories that you consume. Going to a gym no doubt is a very good option to lose weight. However, many people prefer not to.

HIIT Weight Loss Workouts Training From Your Home:

Let’s review the HIIT Weight Loss Sequence:

# Many body-weight exercises don’t need any gym equipment. Some effective exercises can be done anywhere and anytime, like pushups, squats and many others. You can easily perform them in the comfort of your home.

# Before actually getting into the nitty-gritty of hiit weight loss workouts, remember to perform a few warm ups which help your body muscles to flex and open up. They also prevent injury during workouts. Let us have a look at some of them:

# Jogging on the Spot is a warm up exercise used that increases the heart rate and ensures all joints and muscles are sufficiently warmed up before starting more tedious activities.

# The Seal Jack is another warm up that really gets the heart pumping. There is no equipment  needed but just enough space to be able to jump .The muscles worked on are the Quadriceps, Pectoralis Major, Deltoids, gastrocenemius, soleus, latissimus dorsi, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, abductors and adductors. The Shuffles increases the heart beats, warms up your body and improves flexibility.

# Butt kicks are a wonderful warm-up for runners who are trying to improve their pace and stride. This exercise works strongly on your hamstrings.

# Other warm-up exercises are the Leg Extensions, the Wind mill, upper body twist, which this warm-up strengthens the torso and makes the abs taut. The diagonal Twist strengthens your rectus abdominus, obliques and transverse obdominus.

# The neck rotation stretch warms up the small muscles that are involved while moving the head and improve stability.

# Coming to the main workout session, the side burpee without pushups is an exercise that involves side jumps for a few seconds which opens up the leg muscles. The Lateral shuffle to squat jump too is a great workout that tones the legs.

# Are you looking at an exercise for flat abs? The one and a half crunch to twist is a fun exercise and can be done at home on a yoga mat. It works the abs and tones them up. You can make it a little harder by using a dumbbell.

# The side plank pulse helps in balance and coordination of the body. Here your glutes are activated! The core gets strengthened.
Jumping jacks to Polymeric Lunges gets your heart rate up with some simple lunges and jumps. The Mountain climber is very easy to perform. Burn those stubborn calories and watch your body get into shape!

# The forward to reverse lunge with dumbbell shoulder press is a demanding exercise but really tones your arms and legs well. The combination of the lunges and the dumbbells together make this work out very effective.

# What are bent knee side crunches? Do try these HIIT workouts at home and see the results for yourself! All you need is a yoga mat and begin your crunches to tone your lower abs. The 90 degree Sumo Squat jump is yet another entertaining exercise for your glutes. Just jump like a child and have fun! Sweat it out with the sprints, starting slow and increasing the speed.

Enjoy this video and get into shape with these fun-filled HIIT weight loss workouts that help you shed weight at home!

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An at-home cardio workout to burn major calories.

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