Question by Rahim J: Does being fat increase hair loss ?
I’m only 17 and I’m having a really high amount of hair loss a day. This hair loss has also caused for my scalp to be more visible, i hope this does not mean I’ll go bald. I’m pretty much sure that this isn’t due to heredity because my father is still not bald. I used to straighten my hair but it’s been almost a year since i stopped it. My mom tells me to drink more and more water and reduce weight because I’m also a bit fat. I’m afraid that i might not get my lost hair back or whether they will grow again. So do you think drinking more water and reducing weight will help ? or should i consult a Dermatologist ?

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Answer by kooky
no dont worry it is not being a little bit fat the sister is very very fat and has a great hair plus i m not fat at all and i m suffering from hugr hair loss, i went to a doctor for that reason..he gave me a magical perscrepition very easy and cheap and MAGICALLLLL..
it is ”WATERCRESS”..put it in the kitchen machine and then squeeze it and use the liquid on ur scalp everyday once ( twice will be more than perfect) for 6 months and u ll have a lovelyyyyyyyyyy hair and not falling at all…i was suffering from a hair loss 5 years ago and a big space of my scalp WAS visible and now i m very happy my hair is very nice and not falling…do it and good luck but wait for results after 6 months and dont worry when u ll put it ,it ll give u the effect of gel..natural gel.. 🙂 good luck dear

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