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No Equipment Necessary!

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I wanted to share with you my varied experience of training clients with absolutely no equipment. I have done this with individual clients, small groups and it even worked with 60 semi- professional rugby players (albeit with some balls and cones). While I’ll never profess no equipment exercise are my workouts of choice, particularly for the clients I work with, having an equipment free work out up your sleeve is always handy.

First of all I’m going to talk to you about body weight exercises and whilst there are dozens of them to choose from I’m going to focus on 3-4 of the most commonly recognised ones. The ones I use regularly are squats, lunges, push ups and pull ups (you’ll need something like a bike rack or fence to hang off for this one). Along with varying the type of each exercise e.g. single leg squat, walking lunges, spiderman push ups and inverted pull ups, I change one other important variable- the tempo or time under tension (TUT).

This takes a standard body weight exercise and makes it a powerhouse exercise. Basically I get the client to slow the lowering phase, of say a squat, over 4 seconds, pausing in the bottom position and holding for 2 seconds before returning to the start position. This increases the TUT about fourfold compared to a one second up one second down version of the exercise. Believe me 12 reps of these has even conditioned exercisers wobbly at the knees by the end of the set. This principle can be applied to pretty much most body weight exercises including ab exercises like the plank.

One of my top body weight workouts is called the 100 rep workout and you can see it demonstrated on our You Tube channel at:…

It’s a short five minute video where all you need is a bench to perform the workout.

This brings me to my next tip – park benches and steps. These add real variety (and gravity) to a workout. Exercises like step ups require you to lift your body against gravity (increasing energy expenditure) and also allows you to raise your feet to make push ups more challenging. Other great reasons to use a bench in your outdoor workouts is for traditional dips exercises and lying crunches (keeps you off the cold grass or pavement).

The final type of bodyweight exercises I like to use are the military / plyometric exercises (depending on the condition of the client).

Exercises like tuck jumps, burpees and squat thrusts which are explosive type exercises get my clients cooking really quickly.

A small circuit of 3-4 of these exercises with short rest periods really jacks your metabolism up and burns a lot of calories. Be careful with your technique on these exercises as when you’re fatigued they can lead to injury. If any of these exercises are unfamiliar and you’d like to learn how to do them then come down to one of our Bootcamps as my guest and learn the correct techniques. For details go to .

Make the most of these great exercises in an varied outdoor workout. They’ll get your heart rate up, firm body parts up and get you out into the fresh air.

Good luck.

Chris Hines CSCS

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Use the Right Equipment to Build Your Body

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It’s important to state before hand that you cannot weight train without bodybuilding equipment. Otherwise you will be restricted to sit ups, crunches and other stretching activities that will get you nowhere near a great physique. The right equipment is a must if you plan to do some serious bodybuilding work.

Choosing the right equipment involves several things. First determine the type of equipment that you want, either for losing weight, gaining, or bodybuilding. Then establish its capabilities. You are advices to seek professional guidance. Bodybuilding gear is designed in attractive ways so don’t be fooled by the design. Rather buy functionality not look and feel. Also chose facilities that allow you to do work outs that are specific to you. Do not be afraid to try out before making the purchase.

Some must have gear include:

Weight bench: This is ideally for building large body muscles. It includes a pair of bar bells of varying weights. These can be accordingly varied depending on the required strain.

Weights: They come in form of rubber coated, plastic filled, cast iron, standard weights et cetera. They are the most crucial in any bodybuilding endeavor.

Power racks: These are composite set ups with a host of different sitting positions to allow you perform various bodybuilding routines such as heavy weights, lifts, pull ups, dip bars, pulleys and so on. These are great routines for getting your arms to look busty and veiny.

Dumbbells: These are very useful as they are mobile and can be conveniently carried to anywhere. They are a great work out routine for one suffering from arthritis and back pains. If used under water, they can be of great help in toning your arms as most of the weight will be held up by the water.

Micro-weights: These are used for varying the resistance of your lifts by several pounds in difference. The increase in resistance will aid in the development of your muscles.

Cardio-equipment: They warm up the body in readiness for a work out session. This is necessary to adjust your body from a state of inactivity to that of intense activity as in bodybuilding. Skipping this step may result in injury. This gear is normally a jump rope or a bike.

Roman chair: This is crucial in bringing out that eight-pack. It involves a series of complex twists and crunches while sitted on the chair.

Curl bench: This is a device that helps curve out the biceps and other muscles. It helps in getting that ripped look.

Over-exercising: Having a gym at home may tempt one into getting into exercise mode all the time. Be forewarned that this may cause injury that may be irreparable. Take day long breaks to help your body relax and get refreshed before another session of work outs.

In closing, it is advisable to get a professional trainer to check your progress regularly. Good gear alone does not result in a great body, but if used properly coupled with a good diet and enough rest, the muscles will curve out in no time.

Dane Fletcher is the world’s most prolific bodybuilding and fitness expert and is currently the executive editor for If you are looking for more bodybuilding tips or information on weight training, or supplementation, please visit, the bodybuilding and fitness authority site with hundreds of articles available FREE to help you meet your goals.

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Build Your Body Mass and Develop Your Muscles With Weight Lifting Equipment

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There is equipment designed to build body mass and develop your muscles like weight lifting equipment and equipment, designed to burn fat and loose weight like fitness equipment. Muscular and strength equipment increases the muscles’ strength, reduces the level of cholesterol and helps keeping down the levels of blood pressure and sugar. It is useful to people of any age and condition and may help you to shape your body the way you want. The muscular and strength exercise equipment includes free weights, dumbbells, barbells, ab training equipment, weight training benches, weight racks, vertical knee raise and dip stations, steps, cable machines, leg equipment such as leg presses, leg curl machines, leg extension machines, calf raises etc.

Free weights come in different sizes and colors and are very easy to use. By using them you increase your muscle endurance, strength, power as well as your bones density and your flexibility. They are portable, not expensive and can be used even in front of the TV.

A type of free weight is the dumbbell. It also varies in size and shape and helps improving the muscle mass on your triceps, shoulders and your chest. There are Selectric dumbbells (their weight can be changed mechanically not manually, fixed weight dumbbells (dumbbell – shaped weights), adjustable dumbbells (the plates are to be added or removed manually).

Barbells include a set of collars (the metal components that secure the weights in place), a set of weight plates (discs) and a metal bar (usually steel). The bars come in different length and diameter (women’s bar is shorter and lighter). There are standard barbells, Olympic barbells, Triceps bars, EZ Curl Bars, Thick handled Barbells etc. Bear in mind that when lifting barbells you are going to need spotters, for your own safety.

Leg presses are used to strengthen the lower part of the body, especially quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus, calves and hamstrings. Leg presses are leg equipment used to push away a weight by legs. Leg Extension Machines are used for strengthening the quadriceps muscle. In order to execute the calf raises, you should need a seated or a standing calf raise.

A type of resistance training is the usage of weighted clothing. The lower body weighted clothing includes ankle weights, thigh weights, and weighted footwear. The Core weighted clothing includes weighted belts, dip belts, hip drags, weight vests, neck weights, head weights, weighted backpacks, and integrated weight systems. The upper body weighted clothing includes upper arm weights, wrist weights, and weighted gloves.

Weight training benches are also weight lifting equipment. They can be fixed inclined, fixed horizontal, with one, two or more adjustable portions, fixed in a folded position etc.

Today, all of the above mentioned weight lifting equipment can be purchased for home (even online) – this way you are not going to lose time and money ( a lot of them) for trainers and gyms and you can workout at home whenever you want and as much as you want. The only thing you need to do before you start and exercise program, is to contact your physician.

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Tuban Thigh Toner & Butt, Leg, Arm Toner Thigh Trimmer leg exerciser Thigh Master Home Gym Equipment (Red)

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Tuban Thigh Toner & Butt, Leg, Arm Toner Thigh Trimmer leg exerciser Thigh Master Home Gym Equipment (Red)

Tuban Thigh Toner & Butt, Leg, Arm Toner Thigh Trimmer leg exerciser Thigh Master Home Gym Equipment (Red)

  • Light Weight & Compact Design &Convenient to Use & Easy to Store&Easy to Carry
  • Effective Toning For Thighs, Triceps, Buttocks, Hips, Pecs, Arms & Stomach
  • Material:Made With a Spring-Loaded Steel Core Covered With a Soft Yet Durable Foam
  • Perfect for adults & Fitness Levels & Home Workout,heavy tension,maybe a little hard to lady above 50 yr old
  • Comes with instructions and workout plan to help you use it more easily

The Thigh Toner offers a solution to exercise without expensive gym equipment. You can easily shape and tone your thighs, triceps, hips, butt, and arms AT HOME to get the ideal body you always dream of.
Length:12 Inches Height: 5 inches Width: 5.5 Inches
Weight: 11.29ounces

List Price: $ 15.99


Tennis Racquets: Crucial Tennis Equipment

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Choosing the right tennis equipment means choosing the right tennis racquets, and getting the right tennis racquets is a complex process. It involves weighing factors in Physics and related sciences in order to come up with the better performing racquets. Free demonstrations should be given by suppliers for the benefit of the buyers.

There are many different aspects in the choice of the right tennis racquets. It is said that the best racquet is the one that provides the fastest ball speeds with the least effort given. Here, the selection would include a scientific interplay between momentum, force and energy.

There is the aspect of swing weight which basically refers to the feel of tennis racquets when they are swung. The swing weight gets heavier when the weight of the racquet is brought closer to the head. This means that top heavy and longer racquets would have larger swing weights compared to its idle weight. This tennis equipment should also be tested in terms of torque or the racquet’s strength against twisting motions.

There are other complex criteria for the racquet’s performance, including control, maneuverability, and power. Power could refer to the tennis racquet’s performance in relation to its swing weight. Control could be measured in comparing it with power, meaning high power translates to low control, and vice versa.

Maneuverability is actually a good mix of moment and swing weight and this aspect basically depends on different players and their playing styles. Tennis racquets available in stores are somehow clustered into three different types: the power racquets, which are ideal for beginners and intermediate players, the tweeners, appropriate for intermediate to advance players, and the control racquets, which are suitable for advance players only.

The differing tennis equipment have their specific roles and functions. The power racquets are ideal for beginners as they typically play with shorter and lighter strokes. These racquets maintain bigger heads and possess more power in them. These racquets typically have equal head and handle ratios, which mean that the weight of the head is relatively equal to the weight of the handle.

The tweeners are slightly lighter in weight than the power racquets. This tennis equipment comes in different categories, like top heavy, balanced, and top light. The tweener is longer than the power racquet and is ideal for ground strokes.

High control and precision meanwhile are the trademarks of the control racquets. These tennis raquets do not have the same power as the power and tweener racquets, but they are highly maneuverable and sensitive to control by the user, which is why these racquets are ideal for the expert players.

The other aspects which should be considered in choosing your tennis equipment, specifically tennis racquets, include the grip area, the head size, length of the racquet, the flex capacity, string design, weight, and balance.

Tennis racquets are important as these are crucial in the game of tennis. Choosing the right tennis equipment becomes necessary if you are intent in keeping your winning ways.

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Weight and Ladders ? Using Tools and Equipment at Height

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Ladders have a notorious reputation for accidents and injury. They account for quite a few falls and serious incidents each year, but often it is not the fault of the ladder at all. Most accidents usually occur when either the wrong type of ladder is used, it was damaged, or excessive weight was put on or carried up the ladder which caused it to either tip or the user to fall.

Ladders are perfectly safe pieces of equipment to use, only as long as proper precautions are taken and one of the most important things ot remember is the type of weight a ladder is designed to carry and how to use equipment and tools when working at height.

All types of ladder have a tolerance for the mount of weight they can hold. This should ever be exceeded. While aluminium is strong of the tolerances are exceeded it could lead to a rather nasty accident.

One consideration when it comes to weight and ladders is to consider your own. If you underestimate your own weight you could end up breaching the tolerance of the ladder without realising it so ensure you have a rough idea how heavy your are too.

When it comes to carrying tools, equipment or materials up a ladder extra care should be taken. Tools should be in a belt and if you are using a leaning ladder then nothing should be carried up. If you need materials consider winching them up first or consider using either a step-ladder, if possible – or even scaffolding.

Step-ladders are ideal for suing tools and equipment as the step can hold the weight while you work on the ladder. They are restricted on the amount of height they can reach though but there are other methods of working with large or heavy equipment without taking risks on a leaning ladder.

Roof ladders hang down rather than being supported up. This makes it easier to lower equipment and tools down if there is access to the roof.

Sometimes, however, there is no alternative than to use an leaning or extension ladder. Fortunately there are trays and other accessories available that can assist when you need to place equipment and tools on the ladder.

Richard N Williams is interested in ladders, extension ladders and step ladders. Please visit us website if you are interested in step-ladders or other types of ladders