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14 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast With No Much Effort

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How to lose weight fast and get rid of belly fat? 14 scientifically proven tips to help you stay healthy with the least amount of effort. They’ll help you keep your body slim, healthy, and attractive for many years to come.
The Internet is home to countless tips on how to slim down and get fit, but let’s be real here, most of them are easier said than done! That’s why we’re bringing you a list of the most effective yet effortless things you can do to shed those unwanted pounds.

Stop counting calories 0:35
Fill up half your plate with vegetables 1:18
Eat what you want and when you want 1:55
Use the “rule of 2 bites” 2:48
Start your day with protein 3:24
Walk for 2 minutes every hour 4:12
Never eat snacks straight from the bag 4:54
Use the “rule of 10 minutes” 5:32
Go for big meals 6:09
Reduce your daily sugar intake to 6 teaspoons 6:48
Be selfish 7:23
Move your desk closer to the window 7:51
Drink warm beverages 8:27
Don’t brush your teeth after eating 8:59

– Stop torturing yourself with numbers and start paying more attention to the quality of your food. A 20-year study by the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health showed that processed foods and sugary drinks cause the biggest weight gain.
– Speaking of high-quality unprocessed foods, make it a daily habit to put a lot of fruits and vegetables on your plate. They’re great sources of the fiber, water, and useful nutrients your body needs.
– The worse thing about dieting is the restrictions, especially when we have to give up our favorite foods. However, it’s actually proven that depriving yourself of something only makes you want it more.
– if you struggle to control yourself when you’re eating your favorite junk food, then just trick yourself into eating less with a simple method called the “rule of 2 bites”. It goes like this: take one bite of your food, drink a whole glass of water, and then bite once more. 
– If you have an insatiable appetite and always seem to feel hungry, then you need to make protein your best friend. Protein reduces your body’s levels of ghrelin, AKA the “hunger hormone”.
– If your job requires you to sit a lot, make it a rule to get up and walk around for a minute or two every hour. Experts at the University of Utah Health state that it can help offset the health hazards that come with sitting for long periods of time.
– We love the convenience of having our snacks in a nice pre-packaged form, but it’s no secret that we all are capable of downing that whole bag of chips, cookies, or candy in one sitting. 
– Anytime you feel like eating something unhealthy, gives yourself 10 minutes to think about it. If after those 10 minutes, you still feel like it’s a good idea, go for it!
– Large portions of foods containing a lot of water are a great way to avoid overeating. For example, a big bowl of salad will fill your stomach much faster than a handful of nuts.
– Other than obviously being bad for your teeth, too much sugar in your diet also increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
– Dietitian Ann Fletcher recommends putting yourself first and caring about yourself and your own body.
– Scientists conducted an interesting study examining the impact of daylight exposure on the health of office workers.
– Warm beverages decrease the amount of metabolic waste in your body, which actually slows down the aging process! Get into the habit of drinking a cup of hot tea or a glass of warm water 30 minutes before every meal.
– Specialists just don’t recommend doing it right after eating. Wait for at least 30 minutes, and then go for it!

Do you have any tips of your own on how to stay fit? Leave them in the comments below!

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Exercises For Women That Work for Weight Loss Without Effort

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Exercises that work for weight loss, particularly those that don’t require much effort, are tough to find. Luckily Asian women have mastered several different ways to lose weight without having to do endless cardio sessions or hard work.

Exercises That Work for Weight Loss Without Effort

Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret, one that I learned from my Grandfather growing up in Taiwan…

Tai Chi!

Tai Chi is an old martial art that has been practiced for centuries throughout China and much of Asia. It uses graceful, slow movements that put an emphasis on being fluid and smooth, with precision. It’s quite easy to learn, even if you’ve never tried it, and is similar to learning a slow dance routine really.

The best part about Tai Chi to me are that the benefits it offers. They are just incredible for anyone looking to lose weight and get in shape, while at the same time improving the quality of their life big time.

Some of the benefits scientists have found from those who practice Tai Chi are like a recipe for the perfect healthy body:

Stress Reduction – Important to fight off the production of the hormone “cortisol” in our bodies, which makes it difficult to burn fat.

Improved Heart Function – A more efficient heart doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job, which means it lasts longer.

Flexibility – As time goes on we learn more and more about how important being flexible is to weight loss through stimulation of muscle fibers.

Decreased Blood Pressure – So many people who suffer from weight problems have high blood pressure to go along with it, Tai Chi attacks the fat AND attacks the related health problems that go with it.

Better Oxygen Saturation – A fancy way to say that each breath you take winds up bringing more oxygen to your muscles through your blood, which in turn helps get rid of fat deposits by keeping cells healthy.

Low Impact – You won’t have pain from your joints or sensitive areas while performing the routines, which makes it perfect for those who are trying to lose extreme amount of weight.

The list goes on and on. It’s even been proven that people who practice Tai Chi suffer from balance and other movement related injuries HALF as much as people who don’t!

Tai Chi videos and DVDs are available everywhere, from Best Buy to, and I always recommend my clients purchase a few basic beginner versions and get started daily. The results are dramatic and weight loss happens almost immediately.

What If You Still Can’t Lose Weight?

If you’re still struggling to get the body of your dreams, you’ll need to learn one of the most powerful secret free methods that Asian women do to force fat off of their belly and thighs in less than a month…WITHOUT starving or doing crazy routines.

This method is fast and easy, and you don’t need to have any special exercise equipment or other gear. The details on how to do it are in my free report here: “Brush Off The Pounds!”

I actually do it myself while relaxing on the couch watching TV, and it works amazingly well. Try it today and you should see results quickly.

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Love and good health always,

Catherine Cheng – Founder,

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