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5 Most Effective Exercises To Lose Weight at Home

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Let’s face it; everyone wants to look great — flat tummy, toned abs, trimmed waist and more.

Of course, the ultimate goal here is to figure out how to lose weight and keep it away!

Besides eating the right foods and having the right mindset, it’s also super important to exercise on a regular basis.
In fact, there are times when “just” the right workouts can help you get the body of your dreams.

Trying to figure out where to start? If yes, join us as we explore 5 of the best exercises for weight loss right now.
Of course, you can do every one of them in the comfort of your home!

Let’s dive in!

1. Squats
Taking the first spot is squats — a tested and trusted exercise for weight loss.
For the most part, squats target your core and entire body; and of course, you only see results when you do it correctly.
• Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and at the same time, place your arms at your sides.
Keeping your weight in your heels, start lowering your legs and raising your arms out in front of your body.
• While keeping your back straight, lower yourself until your thighs parallel to the floor. Try as much as possible to keep your knees aligned with your toes throughout the exercise.
• Also, be sure to keep your back straight and chest up throughout the workout.
• Just go as low as possible but of course, try to keep your thighs parallel to the floor.
• Repeat 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps.

2. Lunges
This is yet another exercise that has proven itself to be super effective for weight loss.
Of course, you can perform the lunge in quite a number of ways and the good news is, they’re all sure to deliver excellent results.
Here’s how to do the plain forward lunge for a start.
Note: the plain forward lunge targets multiple muscles at once.
So, of course, it’s sure to be your best bet for maximum calorie burn.
• Once again, stand straight with feet hip-width wide apart.
Now place your hands on your hips and gently take a step forward with your right leg.
• Keeping your spine straight, lower your body until your front and back leg form a 90-degree angle.
• Now pause and return your right leg to the starting position.
• Just repeat the steps above with your left leg.
• Repeat 10 times on each side targeting a total of 3 sets.

3. Explosive Lunges
Here’s a high-intensity variant of the lunge that’s meant to work your body and torch major calories.
Just so you know, this exercise is great for the legs and buttocks.
• While standing with your feet together, place your hands on your hips and take a step forward with your right leg.
• Bend until your right leg forms a 90-degree angle.
Now jump up and switch your legs mid-air. Then, of course, end with the left leg lunged forward. Remember to switch sides every minute.
• Repeat the lunges and focus on completing 3 sets.

4. Double Jump
Want something a bit more challenging than regular squats? If yes, do the double jump!
This exercise will get your heart pumping and work your abs, butt, and legs.
• Start by lowering into a deep squat and then rise up like as though you’re jumping.
Just remember to land in a lunge position with your right leg back.
• Now, jump from the lunge position and return to a squat. Be sure to keep at it for 45 seconds, switching legs.
• Do a total of two sets.

5. Mountain Climbers
Last but not the least is mountain climbers; a super effective, heart-pumping workout that targets your calf muscles, chests and arms.
As far as at-home exercises go, mountain climbers are one that’s sure to burn a whole lot of calories in no time. Let’s check it out!
• First off, get into a plank position placing your hands under your shoulders.
While in this position, be sure to keep your head aligned with your ankles.
• With your feet placed a little less than hip-width apart, raise your right knee towards your chest.
Of course, you should try to keep the rest of your body rigid throughout the exercise.
• Now return to the starting position and repeat the steps with your left knee.

And that’s it! These are five awesome workouts that actually give you a great opportunity to burn calories and feel great while you’re at it.

It’s about time to get the body of your dreams!

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8 Effective Breathing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

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How to get rid of belly fat? You’ve tried different exercises and diets but you still haven’t been able to achieve the flat stomach of your dreams.
Today, we’re gonna look at some core-sculpting breathing exercises from the world of yoga.

It’s called pranayama, and it’s a breathing technique that’s an integral part of yoga. You see, “prana” is the universal life force and energy that’s present in all living beings, and “ayama” means “to extend.” So, pranayama seeks to lengthen a person’s life force through breathing. Among its many health benefits, it works specifically for weight loss by reducing appetite, increasing metabolism, cleansing and balancing the digestive system, and burning fat. Most importantly, though, it reduces stress and prevents stress-related diseases.

Pregnant women, those who suffer from respiratory problems, and anyone with a heart condition should not do pranayama exercises. If you’re new to yoga, it’s better to try these techniques with an instructor first. Build some experience, and then you can do them yourself at home safely. The exercises should be done on an empty stomach. For the best results, do them first thing in the morning.

#1. Diaphragmatic breathing 2:00
#2. Stomach vacuum 2:38
#3. Skull shining breath 3:20
#4. Alternating nostril breathing 3:47
#5. Bellows breathing 4:35
#6. Humming bee breathing 5:02
#7. Deep breathing 5:39
#8. Abdominal lock 6:15

#flatstomach #pranayama #reducestress

Music by Epidemic Sound

– Diaphragmatic breathing is safe for beginners. It helps burn fat on top of the abdominal muscles.
– Stomach vacuum aims to strengthen your deep inner abdominal muscles and burn visceral fat. That’s the fat under your muscles, surrounding your organs.
– Skull shining breath not only burns belly fat but also gives you a nice boost of energy.
– Bellows breathing. Take approximately one second for each inhale and exhale. The inhale and exhale should be fast and your stomach should jolt with each movement. If you incorporate alternating nostril breathing into your daily routine, do 5 to 10 cycles.
– Humming bee breathing. For daily practice, do 5 to 10 cycles of this technique.
– Deep breathing. You can start with 3 to 5 minutes of deep breathing if you’re a beginner.
– You can do abdominal lock while standing or on your knees on a mat.

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SENSA CLINICAL- Block up to 350 calories‡ with New and Improved Formula For Easy and Effective Weight Loss*, (30 packets)

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SENSA CLINICAL- Block up to 350 calories‡ with New and Improved Formula For Easy and Effective Weight Loss*, (30 packets)

SENSA CLINICAL- Block up to 350 calories‡ with New and Improved Formula For Easy and Effective Weight Loss*, (30 packets)

  • EASY TO USE- Forget weight-loss pills. Simply sprinkle Sensa Clinical on your favorite foods† and start losing weight!
  • BLOCK CALORIES- When used as directed, Sensa Clinical’s key compound blocks up to 350 calories per meal.‡
  • 100% JITTER FREE- Unlike traditional, stimulant-based weight-loss products, Sensa Clinical is jitter-free!
  • SUPPRESSES GHRELIN- Suppresses the hunger hormone that makes you want to stuff your face.*
  • SIMPLE 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Get your money back hassle-free if you are not satisfied with this product

When you’re eating delicious food, you feel full, satisfied, and happy.

But when your diet leaves you hungry and deprived, you feel grumpy and unsatisfied.

Overeating is a survival instinct… you’re basically programed to overeat. T

his response isn’t your fault. When you feel hungry, a hunger hormone called ghrelin takes over your brain’s control center, and that can wreak all sorts of havoc on how you feel. It’s hard to focus on anything except eating.


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Effective Fat Loss

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6 easy techniques for effective Fat loss
Excessive fat present in your body can cause a number of health risks. The kind of busy schedule we all pursue, more intake of fatty food and no workout routine is resulting in increasing obesity rate day by day. Common in both men and women, obesity is a problem, which results in harmful consequences.

In order to remain healthy and smart, it is important that you should burn the extra fat in your body. Many people would think fat loss is not that easy and may take a great effort and time, which is not possible for all. So to counter that myth, following we give you 6 really convenient steps to follow, so that you can lose those extra pounds with just a mere change in your lifestyle:

1. Exercise:
It is one of the best and most effective ways to burn fats. Incorporate exercise in your daily life routine. You do not need to do heavy workouts or go to a gym for the task. In fact, by indulging in physical activities like walking, hiking, rope skipping, cycling, etc., just for 30 minutes each day, you will notice the difference.
2. Controlling Calories
Controlling your calories intake is very important when it comes to fat loss. Simply, chop off one third of your food or maybe one-half, if that is possible for you. Try to take more fiber in your diet, as it will make you feel full and is a good way to replace a fatty diet.
3. Sports
Giving your body a rigorous workout will enable you to shed off those extra pounds very easily. Try anything, which you like and enjoy, for example baseball, tennis, softball, basketball, bowling, volleyball, etc. The good thing about it is that you can also spend some quality time with your family, friends or colleagues.
4. Drink Tea
Researches have shown that taking tea or even tea supplements with your regular meal will help in blocking the absorption of carbohydrates. Whether you take black caffeinated tea or green tea, both are really beneficial in burning calories. Thus, tea is yet another good way, which can be used for fat loss.
5. Take Breakfast
Considered as the most important meal of the entire day, survey reports shows that we often skip it. But what we do not know is that skipping breakfast leads to high calorie intake of meals later, which increases the body weight, as a consequence. Therefore, for essential fat loss, eat a good breakfast of whole grain toast, fresh fruit, fresh juice, oatmeal and egg whites.
6. Low Fat Dairy
Low fat dairy products readily help in reducing body fat. Studies have now proved that it causes the body to absorb fat at a low level because of the presence of calcium. And since calcium is good for your overall health, it is recommended for both men and women.

With these 6 pointers, you must have noticed that fat loss is no rocket science. It is just an alteration in your diet patterns, controlling fatty food, and change in your daily life routine for your own good. So go ahead and adopt these vital guidelines, and I hope you will see desirable results in considerable time period.

Too Your Health and Wellness

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Entire week weight training routine simple and effective

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Full 8-12 Week Diet & Training Programs Available at

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How to Lose Weight in A WEEK | Effective Diet to Lose Weight in a Week

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Here The Link:

For Men:

In this video, I’ll show you how to lose weight in a week. The tips you’re about to hear are so effective that your body will have no other choice but to discard the extra ounces of fat it has been holding on to “in case of an emergency”. And the best part is, this advice is not only harmless but it will actually help you improve your health.
Let’s get right down to it…
How can you lose weight in a week?
First things first. It’s very likely you are currently retaining 4 pounds or more of water weight — you need to get rid of this extra weight.
To do it, you need to know what the deal with this unwanted weight is. When your body is not supplied with the amount of water it needs, it goes into “alert mode” and starts accumulating more and more water. In other words, the body goes back to working like it did thousands of years ago, when water was scarce. Back then, extra water weight helped people survive the rough conditions; today, it just makes people feel fat and with swollen bellies.
To fight a bloated stomach, you need to trick your body into making it believe there’s plenty of water available, and that there’s no need to carry the extra water weight. The simplest way of achieving this it to drink lots of water all the time.
Once you start, you’ll body will realize it doesn’t need the stored water any longer, and will trigger a signal to release it from the body. The elimination process will happen pretty quickly. If you drink more than 3 liters of water per day -4 or 5 if you weight more than 175 pounds– you can lose 4 ½ pounds of water weight in 3-4 days.
An extra benefit is that drinking a lot of water speeds up the metabolism, making it burn more calories and fat. Listen, I know that the prospect of drinking a lot of water is not very exciting, but it really works, so do it.
To wrap up the water subject, prepare yourself to go to the bathroom more often. The increase will be a sign that you’re on the right path towards eliminating retained water weight. Are you still following? Glad to hear you are!
The next thing you need to know about are the 6-9 pounds of decomposing matter and feces that you are carrying at the moment, and that are hindering your body from working correctly. In fact, as from 26 pounds of overweight, the amount is probably even more.
Carrying accumulated human waste in the intestines not only affects your overweight, it can also lead to hemorrhoids, harmful colon bacteria, sudden mood swings, fatigue, sleep disorders, etc. Think about it, it’s very important that you understand that you do not want to carry undigested waste in your body. So, how can you fix this problem?
It’s simple: with a big fiber intake of at least 1 ½ oz. a day. I recommend beans, black beans, apples, and bananas. A can of black beans a day provides 25 grams of fiber; combine it with 3 bananas or apples to add 15 more grams to your daily intake. Fiber will help you eliminate accumulated waste, but it may take a while because, in most cases, the long years of eating junk food and other empty carbohydrates has made this decomposed matter settle in your system.
As soon as you consistently incorporate 40 grams of fiber a day, or more, the settled waste will begin to loosen up be expelled from your system. Your metabolism will speed up even more as a result, enabling your body to burn fat more easily.
Some truly powerful extra pieces of advice to lose weight in just a week:
• Eliminate all beverages from your diet except for water, including sodas, energy drinks, juice, etc. These drinks are packed with calories and preservatives that make it more difficult to achieve weight loss.
• Eliminate white flour and sugary foods, such as bread, pasta, cake, candy bars, etc.
• Reduce your serving sizes, and eat 5-6 regular-sized meals a day.
• Add boiled eggs, chicken breast and lots of fruit and vegetables into your diet.
Follow these tips to lose weight in a week easily, and change your metabolism without doing anything crazy.
This is all for now; if you wish to receive more information about how to achieve the body of your dreams, visit the link right below this video. I hope you liked it, and see you on the next one. Thanks for your attention!
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