Know what the problem with losing weight is? More often that not even after you actually begin to succeed, you find that you’re actually not really succeeding quite the way that you hoped you would be.

While certain parts of your body may certainly be slimming down, others will stay stubbornly flabby, and this can make your shape look even a little worse than you thought it was to begin with.

Mainly, the reason why this happens in the first place is because your body isn’t really programmed to lose weight uniformly. Instead, it loses weight in direct response to what you’re doing and which parts of your body you’re working most.

Due to that, if you’re doing something like walking or running, you’ll find that it’s your legs, and possibly arms that end up slimming down the most, whereas your belly area and even inner thighs will not slim down as much.

Naturally, the solution to this is simple: Total body exercises.

Some exercises out there are just better at encouraging uniform weight loss than others, mostly because they use a wide array of muscles throughout the body and thus help you to mold yourself into a more desirable shape.

Using a wide array of muscles also has the dual advantage of toning the muscles in those areas too, which means that whatever flab does remain is better supported by the lean muscle bulk that you’re going to be building up there too. End of the day, this is going to help you even more than the actual fat loss will.

How about we take a look at three types of exercises in particular that will help you with a total body workout:

1. Swimming
How many times have you enviously looked at the perfect bodies of swimmers? Well, now you know how they get those types of bodies, seeing as swimming is a total body workout that really does help a huge number of different muscle groups.

What’s more, it is a form of resistance training too, so it serves as a strength building exercise as well.

2. Rowing
Just like swimming, rowing is going to work just as many muscle groups, and also is a form of resistance training and so it shares similar benefits. All in all, this is a great way to work out, although it might be difficult if you don’t have the necessary equipment (and lake!).

3. Aerobics
Definitely the most accessible of the three, aerobics by nature is geared towards providing as complete a body workout as possible, and it is something that you can even do from the comfort of your own home!

If you like swimming, great! If you have the necessary prerequisites for rowing, that’s great too! But otherwise, aerobics is probably going to be the single-best option that you have in terms of getting in a total body workout.

And now that you realize just how important these workouts can be, that’s definitely what you want, right?

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