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ACAI Fat Burn #3 all Pure Diet Pill with Green Tea, Grapefruit, Apple Cider, and more for Weight Loss and fat burning Reviews

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ACAI Fat Burn #3 all Pure Diet Pill with Green Tea, Grapefruit, Apple Cider, and more for Weight Loss and fat burning

  • Pure Brazilian ACAI with other ingredients that are used to help burn fat and lose weight in a natural way. Antioxidant qualities. Enhances a healthy Diet
  • 180 capsules, 3 Months nutrition, helpful for weight loss program, and for High Powered Nutrition
  • 100% Pure ACAI with Green tea, grapefruit, Apple Cider, and more antioxidant capsules
  • No added sugar, includes Green Tea and Acai
  • 2 caps per daily serving. Diet pills do not work for everyone

60 capsules of Acai Fat Burn #3 TM per bottle. This product uses among the BEST Acai available on the market. Not all Acai is created equally. Used for helping in weight loss and for naturally boosting metabolism.

You may pay a little more for Acai Fat Burn #3 but the benefits through a quality product are worth it

What makes Acai Fat Burn #3 TM better than most? Diligent quality control with a carefully timed harvest time of its herbs, time to market (controlled storage)

Includes Natur


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Target Heart Rate for Burning Fat

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Exercising requires energy and the body gets this energy by burning fat. Health professionals have determined that by exercising within a particular heart rate zone will burn fat faster. Staying in this zone while working out will yield maximum benefit.

Calculate Target Heart Rate
Your heart rate is determined by age, fitness and gender. Tests are available to help calculate these rates, but they can be complex and for this reason these rates are based on estimates.

Target Heart-Rate Formula
A widely used estimate is 220 minus age which is accepted as the maximum pulse or the top of the zone for both men and women. This equation is a good place to start for physically fit individuals. For overweight people or those that have been away from exercise for some time a smaller maximum value is recommended.

Note: Before you start a new exercise program, always check with your heart doctor first. He or she is best equipped to decide about your ability to exercise, how soon, and how much.

Once you have determined your heart rate you can determine what your fat burning zone is. It is suggested that you train at 55% – 85% of your maximum pulse. But for those just starting to exercise it is recommend that you train at the low end which is 55% to 65% of your maximum.

Why does heart rate matter?
Fat burns best at a specific rate which is relative to your resting pulse. When you first start exercising it is suggested that you keep your pulse at the lower end of the scale. As you progress you can increase this rate and your fat burning zone will increase along with it.

Understanding what your ideal heart rate is will prevent you from working out too much and putting unnecessary strain on your body and your heart. Working within this zone will allow your system to recuperate and grow gradually and you will develop a zest for exercise. If you train too hard it becomes too much like work, you walk around feeling sore and tired, and you might lose interest.

Taking your Resting Pulse
Before you can measure your pulse you need to be in a resting position. Take it first thing in the morning after you have been sitting comfortably for a while. Find your pulse on your wrist or neck and count the number of heart beats in a 15 second period. Multiply this number by four to get total beats per minute (bpm). This is your resting heart rate.

Training Zone – Your Burn Fat Exercise Zone
In order to calculate your training zone, you start by calculating your maximum pulse. Using 220 subtract your age. This yields your maximum heart rate that you should not exceed when exercising. However it is important to stay within the zone percentages given above in order to burn fat optimally. For example if you are 30 years old and are just starting out, you should subtract 30 from 220. This gives you 190 bpm. The number your heart rate then needs to stay between while exercising would be 104.5 and 123.5 bpm (or 55% and 65%). If you are athletic and in good shape, your heart rate zone should stay between 104.5 and around 162 bpm (55% and 85%).

Target Heart Rate Exercise
Knowing what these figures are and understanding what to do with them are two different things though. If your heart rate drops lower than your zone your workout will be ineffective. Yet if it exceeds your zone you are overworking and possibly putting your health at risk at least in the beginning stages of exercising. If you want to maximize your workout and protect your health it is imperative that you stay within your zone rates.

If you are operating out of your target zone your breathing will be a give away. You should be comfortable while exercising. Your breathing will become even and not labored. You should not go out of breath, if you do you are exercising too hard and need to slow down. This means that you should be able to talk without discomfort while you exercise.

How do you keep track?
Apart from monitoring the comfort level of your breathing there are more accurate scientific ways to keep track of your zone rate. Most cardiovascular gym equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing and elliptical machines provide heart rate sensors you can place on your palm when exercising or a belt you can place around your chest. Gym professionals are also a source of valuable information and before commencing on a regime ask them to calculate your resting heart rate, maximum heart rates and zone rate.

If you are taking your exercise out of the gym and you want total peace of mind then you may want to invest in your own personal heart rate monitor. This usually comes with a watch that you can wear on your wrist. Many allow you to set your heart rate training zone and will beep if your exceed your maximum, so you can train in your zone.

About the Author:
Tim Lazaro is a Fat Burning Nutrition enthusiast. For great tips and advice on heart rate burning fat, visit

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5 Best Fat Burning Exercises

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Recently I was asked what the top 5 fat burning exercises are for fat loss, and I sort of cheated on the answer. I don’t have 5 exercises, but I do have 5 specific movements that are the best for a fat burning workout.

These movements should be in all total body workouts if you have time.

First is any type of squatting movement. So this can be barbell squats, dumbbell squats, bodyweight squats, single leg squats, and can even be split squats. Further, this should be the first exercise in a total body fat burning workout.

Try any exercise where there is a bending of the hips, pushing the butt down to parallel or lower to the floor, and come back up nice and strong. My favourite total body fat burning exercise is barbell squats, but if you don’t have equipment, you can use bodyweight squats for bodyweight interval training.

Also, deadlifts are a great squatting movement, but these also fall into the category of a pulling exercise, so you can use this exercise in either category (or cover two categories with just one total body exercise).

Second is a pushing movement. This can be bench press, push press, any type of push up, or a dumbbell press. Ideally, you will want to choose an exercise that is total body. I prefer push-ups or heavy presses because you get more out of that exercise than what you would get from a cable cross over for the chest for example.

Third is any type of pulling movement. This can be a rowing movement or a vertical pulling movement. Examples of this type of movement include; pull-ups, chin-ups, inverted rows, bodyweight deadlifts, dumbbell rows, seated rows, barbell rows. In this type of movement you are getting a lot of musculature movement.

Fourth is a single leg movement. So, this can be a lunge, split squat, single leg squat, stability ball leg curl, lying 1-leg hip extension, or a Bulgarian split squat.

Fifth is any type of total body abdominal exercise. This can be a hanging leg raise, cable crunch, mountain climbers, spiderman climbs, stability ball jackknife. Basically any abdominal exercise where you are not lying on the ground and curling up two inches.

So those are my BIG FIVE movements. If you only have a limited amount of time and can only get through the first 3 exercises, you’ll still be getting a great workout. As well, these exercises can be done in either a circuit fashion or in straight sets, perfect for a total body workout.

A dumbbell circuit would start with dumbbell squats, then dumbbell chest presses, then rows, then lunges, and then a plank exercise. You obviously don’t need the dumbbell for the plank. You could also do split squats or Bulgarian split squats for the single leg dumbbell exercise.

A sample fat burning bodyweight exercise workout circuit would start with bodyweight squats, followed by pushups, then inverted rows, split squats, and finish off with mountain climbers. That’s a great total body workout without equipment.

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Weight Loss Through Fat Burning

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When there is a personal desire, or a medical situation which decrees that you must lose weight, the first thing to think about is diet. You will simply have to ingest fewer calories to get your body into the slimming mode. Add some exercise and you are halfway there. There are other ways, however, and ‘fat-burning’ seems to be a big one these days.

What is ‘fat-burning?’ you might ask. Well, it is a way of trying to get as much weight off, as quickly as possible, without harmful side effects. Several things come into play with ‘fat-burning’ regimens:

Green tea
Mustard and chili sauce
Low-fat dairy

When embarking on any weight loss program, you should consult with your health care professional, who can assess your physical data: blood pressure, heart rate, lung capacity or any vitamin deficiency you might have. With this in place, he/she can advise you as to which path you should take in your quest for weight loss. It is never wise for a person to start some faddish diet or exercise program without first consulting a doctor.

Fat burning is just what it sounds like. You want to burn off as much fat as you can while trying to keep new fat cells from multiplying and storing fat. This can be done by beginning a new way of life… a new way of looking at eating and exercising while utilizing the following foods.

Water is the most important commodity we put into our bodies, yet we often neglect to drink even half of what we require. For fat burning, it is suggested that you drink at least two liters of iced water, with lemon, each day. It requires 100 calories to warm the water to your body temperature, and the lemon cleanses the liver. This is a good place to start.

Green tea is an excellent beverage and it is suggested that you drink five cups per day. High in antioxidants, which fight those nasty free radicals that age us so quickly, it will burn 80 calories a day.

Mustard and chili sauce increase fat burning by five to ten per cent for up to two hours after eating. They contain capsaicin, which speeds the sluggish metabolism.

Low fat dairy products are rich in calcium, which encourages the release of fat from fat cells, and reduces the amount of fat absorbed by the body.

Last, but definitely not least, comes fiber, and we all know what that does for our bodies. Fiber gets the bowels stimulated and regularity is very important to the human body.

If you and your doctor decide that fat burning is the way to go, keep a journal of your reactions to the various foods. And good luck in your search for weight loss through the fat burning process!

Ryan Edward has reviewed all of the top weight loss diet plans that are available on the Internet and shares his reviews at his website. To learn how you can begin to quickly start losing weight by following one of these top systems, please visit his website now:

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Total Body Workout + Weight Loss Tips!! Fat Burning Fitness Routine for Beginners, Home Exercise

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Eight Fat Burning Foods

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1. Almonds

These nuts are considered a “super food”. It has many benefits to people who want to lose fat and keep it off. First of all they fill you up in small portions. That means you can eat a handful to curb your appetite for long periods of time. They are full of nutrients like vitamin E. Almonds also pack on fiber, protein, and the healthy kinds of fats. Not to mention they lower cholesterol.

2. Protein Powder

Most protein powders are packed with whey protein which is the most effective kind for losing fat and gaining muscle mass. Anyone who weight trains has this stuff as a staple in their diet. It is pretty powerful stuff. It is not just for body builders. Anyone looking to gain lean muscle and lose fat needs to try some kind of protein powder.

3. Salmon

Another gut busting portion is salmon. Like almonds it kills many birds with one stone. It may be the best fish for you. It is packed with protein. Salmon is full of fatty acids that help lower cholesterol. There are many other key nutrients in salmon such as niacin, vitamin B-12, and magnesium.

4. Oatmeal

A bowl of oatmeal a day will keep cholesterol at bay. That is what my doctor told me when I was struggling with heart disease a couple years back. Oatmeal is full of fiber that is very good for cleaning out your arteries. If you are looking for taste without the sugar then I recommend the Quakers quick oats. I just heat up a bowl in the microwave for about a minute. Oatmeal is also great with sliced apples or blueberries.

5. Spinach

Another super food, spinach is packed with plenty of nutrients. By including spinach in your diet you are protecting yourself from heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other diseases. Leafy greens are powerful vegetables so try and get at least one serving in for dinner each day.

6. Blueberries

There is no fruit with more antioxidant power than blueberries. Antioxidants prevent the build up of free radicals which keep you from being sick. They are also a great source of fiber like most fruits. Throw some on your cereal for a delicious breakfast.

7. Peanut Butter

All natural peanut butter is an excellent source of vitamin E without the extra fat and sugar you get in the brand names. It goes very good with bananas. Also a great source of protein, healthy fats, and some fiber thrown into the mix. Having a spoonful from time to time can get rid of your hunger for a while.

8. Beans

Last but not least is another one of nature’s wonderful creations. Baked beans not only taste good but they also hold a lot of fiber, protein, good fats, and many vitamins and minerals. Have them on the side for a balanced meal.

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