Weightlifting equipment is complex and varied; the machines and the weights are meant to help the athlete train for personal purposes or for competitions. When making purchases for gyms, business owners are interested in the features of the equipment as well as in the quality and the warranty conditions for the purchased items. If you have never been to a gym before, you’ll certainly feel intimidated by your first contact with the weightlifting equipment. Without proper guidance, it is pretty difficult to be able to handle things among the array of machines and the exercise weightlifting equipment that you know nothing of. Here are some of the machines and items that you should start with.

Free weights and machines are the two main types of weightlifting equipment categories. As their name suggests, free weights are used with pins, pulleys, cables and weight stacks. Weight plates, barbells and dumbbells are the basic items here. The plates are attached to the barbell and you perform the exercises by lifting with both hands. Small barbell versions are available in many gyms, although the official Olympic size is 7 feet length and 45 pounds weight. The dumbbells are are designed for training with a single hand, and they make the short barbell version.

Plastic and iron are the main materials used for weight plates. These items are an essential part of weightlifting equipment and you can’t call yourself an amateur lifter without them. A next highly important element in the gym is the bench. Designs include flat, inclined and declined benches. The benches without racks are used for practicing with dumbbells while those with racks are necessary for barbells. Besides free weights, machines occupy a special place in any weightlifting equipment category because they are easier to use and commonly popular.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the use of machines. If compared to free weights, this kind of weightlifting equipment is easier and safer to use. Moreover, while some machines are designed just for the training of certain groups of muscles, others are multi-functional, providing training options for the entire body. Lots of mistakes can be made while performing exercises on machines, and this is their major downside. A correct body inclination and posture are sometimes difficult to achieve, which could create the premises for injuries. For beginners, the workout with machines should have professional assistance.

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