Most people today would rather buy a home gym than a bunch of separate pieces of weight training equipment. Who can blame them? There are some very stellar all in one’s on the market these days. A combination of market maturity and never ending competition has really created this not so old sector to evolve rapidly. Below are some of the best choices one can make when buying a home gym.

Hoist V5

The Hoist V5 is what is called a “single stack” home gym. It is called this because all the weights exist in one stack, or pile. No matter what weight training exercise you are doing, you will be pulling on these same weights, so don’t forget to change them as appropriate!

One good thing about the V5 is that you will not need a spotter while lifting weights on it. Another good thing is that it is constructed in such a way that it encourages (and almost forces) proper posture and lifting. This is a level of detail that few home gyms can give.

On the downside, you had better have at least $ 3,000 to pony up if you want to bring this superb weight training equipment home with you. For those with the cash to invest, or the passion, this is a great machine.

BodyCraft X2 Family Xpress

Here we have a double stacker, which means that two people can do their strength training on this machine at once. That is why it is called the “Family Xpress”. This is another relatively expensive home gym, weighing in around $ 3,000 again.

With this BodyCraft, you are getting a home gym fully equipped with leg press functionality, and almost all the other capabilities one would expect. In the end, it is a great machine for anyone looking to be able to have multiple people using it at once.

BodyCraft Galena

Finally, let’s take note of the BodyCraft Galena. This fine piece of weight training equipment is our only budget selection on this list. At about $ 1,499, it is much less expensive than the other two. This may be in part due to its compact construction, another plus, especially for those (many) of us with limited space for another big gadget in our homes.

The Galena is constructed in such a way that one can slide it into the corner of their basement, garage, or wherever, and it is still fully functional. A lot of space is often lost on a home gym because it has to be accessed from all four sides. This is not the case with the Galena.

General Advice

The bottom line is that before buying any weight training equipment, you should already try to have some idea of who is going to be using it, will they be using it at the same time, and of course how much exactly are you willing to spend. Other considerations would include where it’s going to go, and if it will even fit there. A little thought beforehand will clear the whole process up for you.

There’s a wide variety of weight training equipment out there and it can be difficult to figure out what’s right for you and your level of fitness. Get up to scratch on what to look out for when buying machines and weights, learn about the options and requirements for different exercise routines and get tips on choosing weight training equipment to suit your needs for a home gym.

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