Sometimes the world of weight training equipment can seem a little overwhelming. Especially to the first time buyer, or the person just wading into weight training, it can be hard to distinguish one machine from another. What do I need? What don’t I need? How can I avoid being ripped off? These are just some of the questions that are frequently heard at the stores and by customer service representatives.

So with that in mind, we have compiled a list of the absolute best and most essential weight training equipment out there. It was not easy, but it has all been whittled down to the best and the brightest pieces of equipment, all for you.

The first piece of equipment that anyone needs is a weight bench. A home gym without a weight bench is missing something essential. The choices here are to either go with a flat or an inclined bench. This will depend upon what type of a lifter you are and expect to be. The more serious weight lifters tend to prefer flat benches. Also remember that this item is a lot safer to use than just lying on the floor or using a kitchen chair. Don’t rig up a literally homemade home gym. Do it right from the start.

The next piece to add is the weight training equipment which most people buy first. These are the actual weights. It is suggested that one gets a mix of various sized dumbbells as well as a weight bar with various different weights. This will allow for a mix of bicep curls and out arm strength training, as well as pectoral lifting and work that generally focuses closer to the torso.

One may also want to invest in some kettle balls. These are heavy weights which are cast in the shape of a cannonball. They have a handle on top, which is how they are held. They may appear intimidating but they are used by almost as many women as they are by men. The fact is that they come in all different sizes, weights, and even colors. The kettle ball was originally developed in Russia, which probably only adds to its air of intimidation. Nevertheless, ever since these became popular in the United States, they have had a strong backing community of people preaching their usefulness.

These three items are great ways to get started with you home gym. Of course, they focus on those who would prefer to build their gyms in a “freer” style. This means that the different weight training equipment is bought separately and is not all part of the same package, or even attached to each other.

For those who would prefer a simpler all-at-once approach to their weight training equipment, well you can buy an all-in-one machine. Prices of such home gyms have come down significantly over the past decade and a half, so they are no longer just luxury items. It may not be as hardcore as assembling all the pieces yourself, but it is a very valid starting block for your home weight training equipment, and to your own home weight training program.

There’s a wide variety of weight training equipment out there and it can be difficult to figure out what’s right for you and your level of fitness. Get up to scratch on what to look out for when buying machines and weights, learn about the options and requirements for different exercise routines and know what look out for when buying weight training equipment for a home gym.

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