A certain cabbage soup recipe really is not the secret to weight loss and in fact even the cabbage soup diet is about far more than just feasting on soup and losing weight from that basic activity. There is a trick to the diet, but you can lose weight quickly if you eat this way. According to most diets though, change your ways or the weight comes back. Read on for the trick to the diet and how it can help with long term weight loss that really is weight gone and for good this time.

Cabbage soup makes for a great filler and that’s what makes it central to the diet. Maybe that is one reason this diet has endured and still remains popular as it has been for many years. See, you can eat all the cabbage soup you want whenever you want for the week of the diet. That does not mean that the soup itself has magic properties, not at all.

By providing this way to stay filled up you can avoid that caved in, starved feeling that can making a diet miserable torture. That makes for more chance for success just by itself. The plan provides specific instructions on what to eat and what to avoid for each of the seven days of the plan.

Each day you get to eat just certain foods but what you eat changes each day. That way it’s less likely that you get bored and just give up in disgust. Another plus is that there are no really exotic expensive foods to buy. Included are vegetables, fruits, meat and even milk, but no breads and sweets.

Therein lies the trick to the almost sure weight loss. Missing from the foods allowed are all sweets and breads as well as most fats. What you end up with is a calorie restricted diet that’s also low in fat as well. It’s a sure thing that most people lose weight eating like this.

Is this a great way to eat? It surely is not a long-term way to eat. A body needs more variety as well as more carbohydrates and more fats as well. But, after all, this is just an one week eating diet, not a suggested new lifestyle or anything.

Motivation is key to most any form of weight loss. Let’s face it though, losing a pound or so a week which is about all one can expect to achieve long-term is such slow progress that it is all but impossible to see any progress at all. That is where a short term eating plan like the cabbage soup diet can actually accomplish something. Isolated from lifestyle changes fad diets rarely if ever result in real lasting weight changes. It’s only as part of a real change in habits and actions that a diet can be a real component of a change for the better and a part of program for better health and fitness that lasts and makes for positive results.

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