A woman who suffered from type two diabetes and decided to commit to taking the lose weight Bios Life Slim product for ninety days found that after three month of using the product properly and as instructed, found that after related blood tests by her doctor her sugar levels had dropped from a four hundred average down to an average of one hundred and twenty. The doctor also told her that she was out of the diabetic range and that she was no longer a diabetic. The doctor also took her off her daily insulin medication. She still monitors her sugar levels while still taking the Bios Life Slim product and she averages below one hundred on a consistent basis. She reduced her body size from a size fourteen to a size nine and now has tons of energy to do anything she wants to do at any time.

Her eyesight is also back to normal which is obviously a huge benefit of consistently taking the lose weight Bios Life Slim product as instructed. What she actually ended up doing was to replace the three shots of insulin she was taking every day by taking three packets of Bios Life Slim. One can see here that Bios Life Slim is a life changing product in so many good ways. This is also not a one off story as there have been many people who have suffered from diabetes and have achieved the same life changing results as explained above. This includes helping pre diabetic people to return back to normal health before they even become diabetic due to the intake of Bios Life Slim on a consistent basis.

The lose weight Bios Life Slim product has two patents for the method and composition of the reduction of serum cholesterol. There was a man who had his cholesterol tested and found his reading to be two hundred and eighty. This man was a slim man and exercised regularly and his high cholesterol level was not due to him being obese, overweight or inactive. His cholesterol was a hereditary issue. This man’s mother had a cholesterol reading of three hundred and fifty and his father had a reading of over four hundred. This man went onto Bios Life Slim and within the firs thirty days his cholesterol reading went from two hundred and eighty to below two hundred. His insulin levels in his blood continued to drop over a six month period and his cholesterol eventually dropped to below one hundred and fifty over the same six month period.

People who want to lose weight and experience a good diabetes treatment as well as lowering cholesterol and would also like to work from home and create a regular monthly income from marketing the Bios Life Slim product to other people, need to visit this link lose weight and complete the market survey.


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