I want abs – I have heard this question hundreds of times both online and offline, but the problem is there is an information overload. That’s right there is a lot of conflicting advice about what works and what not works to get six pack abs fast. First of all everybody has an abdominal muscle. However for the majority of people in this world it’s hidden under a layer of stubborn stomach fat. And in fact it is not important how much time you spend in the gym. If you need to get rid of some stubborn abdominal fat fast then it is important to do three intense workout sessions per week. And believe me you will see tangible results in only a matter of weeks. Of course if you have a beer belly it will take longer. But the best way to get abs is by proper nutrition. Think about it you spend only 3-5 hours in the fitness each week. Here are some tips to get abs fast.

Eat more frequent The worst thing you can do to lose stubborn fat fast is eating less. You have to eat five or six healthy emails per day. Most popular conventional diet programmes threaten your body like it is something stupid. In fact your body is much smarter then you think. Your own personal goal is to become lean and ripped but your body’s goal is to survive. Starve yourself and your body will think that you will not feed it for a while. It will go in a survival mode and it will store everything you eat. Logically your metabolism decreases and it will burn less fat.

Eat healthy fats It is absolutely not true that you are fat because you eat fats. Eating the right fats will help you to become leaner and eating unhealthy fats will do the opposite. The diet of Eskimos consist for the major part of fat and there is almost no obesities there. Consume some sources of healthy fat with every meal. Eat avocados, nuts (all nuts are good), seeds, whole eggs (and the egg yolk is ass healthy as the egg white).

Don’t focus to much on cardio Most people who want to get abs focus to much on hours and hours of cardio exercises. Do to much cardio and there is a change that you will lose lean muscle mass. Losing lean muscle mass decreases your resting metabolic rate. Instead spend your time and energy on high intensity weight training exercises. This is one of the so called secrets from (fitness) models to become super lean you will have to grab a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells.

Incorporate clean presses in your routines. To get ripped abs fast you will have to do clean presses twice a week. Barbell clean presses are good to start or you can use kettlebells or dumbbells. But squats and deadlifts are the exercises are the exercises that burn the most calories.

I”ll take you by the hand and give you all the tools you need to —- Get ripped abs fast —- And it does not matter if you need to get rid of a beer belly or the latest 5 pounds of stubborn stomach fat.

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