Over the last year I have lost over 60 pounds with a combination of things, I changed the way that I lived my life in order to lose the amount of weight I wanted. If you are thinking that this is sounding like it would be too hard that is exactly what I thought.

I changed the complete way that I thought about what I ate and what I was doing that could improve my quality of life. My diet changed completely because I got taught a completely new way of thinking about what I ate.

For example if I was eating 2500 calories a day then my body was already trained that it needs to burn 2500 calories a day. The I would go on a diet and would eat 1000 calories a day so my body then changed so it was only burning 1000 calories a day. This means that I would not lose any way if anything I would put on a few pounds.

Your body needs to be trained exactly what amount of calories it needs to burn. This is why none of my diets in the past have worked because I have been looking at dieting the wrong way.

Now I have learned how I can train my body into burning more calories than it needs to burn just by the way that I eat. This is called calorie shifting and it works so well that I started losing weight almost straight away all because of the way I ate.

I then combined this with a change in the way I exercised. I made sure that I had about 30 minutes of walking every day. I lead a busy life so I broke it into 3, 10 minute sessions. It doesn’t really matter what you do it in as long as the total is 30 minutes a day.

If you stick with this you will see the difference in your weight loss almost immediately and it is something that you will enjoy doing as opposed to be grudgingly doing something.

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