They say everything is in the presentation or what you say first. So, I have a small confession to make. I really did lose 40 pounds and kept it off for over 8 years but, I didn’t do it eating dirt. Although the method I used often tasted like dirt! 2 of my 3 meals a consisted of grainy protein drink that had artificial flavoring. Sometime Vanilla or Chocolate or even Mango…eeww! I am writing to help you not make the same mistakes I did when I was losing weight. There are a lot of things I would have done differently to get the same result. Things that would have made it more enjoyable to lose the weight. You have to get in your head that to have permanent weight loss you need to make a life-style change.


It is a quick solution to a permanent problem. Let’s both agree on one thing losing weight is not rocket science. It’s very simple. Take in less calories than you burn. That’s it!      

First lets go through some of the Don’ts.

1.NEVER EVER starve your-self to lose weight! This is not only bad for you and your body but can have long term effects and can lead to permanent damage both physically and mentally.

2.Don’t use diet pills or drugs to lose weight. This can have the same effect as the above mentioned.

3.Don’t get on the latest fad diet because of promises and claims that make.  

Now Some of the Do’s

1. Educate your-self on nutrition and how the body process food and drinks.

2. Get it a exercise routine and stick with it.

3. Learn how to count calories. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a scale to measure all your food. It just means have a clue on how many calories an egg has or a piece of toast.

4. Learn what your resting calorie burn rate is also know as ( basal metabolic rate) you can find out by typing “basal metabolic rate” in a search engine with the quotes

5. Take advise from some-one that is fit. Not someone that knows how to be fit.

6. Make a commitment to your-self.

7. Partner with a friend that is ideal or the body type you desire.  

Now for the secret to weight loss. Here it is. Are you ready? Commitment to a lifestyle change! Without commitment you will have nothing. Often times when you try a diet you may lose the weight you desire but after the plan you will gain the weight you lost plus 15 pounds. Why? Because your goal was to lose the weight. Now what? You’ve reached your goal and you have nothing else to strive for. If you make your goal for a lifestyle change it is permanent. I’m not saying I don’t eat pizza or drink beer and enjoy some of my favorite foods. But, it’s a treat for me now not a everyday occurrence.

I have watched this with all my friends and here is what most people do. They exercise for 2 days and 5 days off. Were my self and others that have had a lifestyle change exercise 6 days and one day off.

Here is another key. We all occasionally fall off the wagon and drink to much or eat the wrong things its just part of life. The key is getting right back on your life style the next day.  

Let’s make a commitment together, right here! right now! I am going to change my lifestyle now! Today! The only way it’s going to change as if you take action now! 

I would love to hear your success stories and how you permanent changed your life style.

There is no secret to losing weight. The problem most people don’t know is when to eat, how much and what to eat. Learning proper eating habits can significantly increase your weight loss and the time it takes to loss weight.
Diets don’t work!
Learn the proper way to lose weight

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