There is so much confusion when it comes to losing fat, so the average person gets really confused very quickly. Women make many mistakes when it comes to fat loss and one of the biggest mistake that women do, is ignore weight training. For some reason women think that lifting weights is some kind of a monster but really it is your best friend.

Cardio or aerobic activity alone will not make you lose fat, in fact weight training is sometimes a much better option. Of course it would be a lot better to combine both. I am sure after you finish this short article, you will understand why it is good for you.

First of all weight training speeds up your metabolism because the speed of your metabolism is dependent on the amount of toned muscle tissue on your body. So the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn.
It also gives you a metabolic boost for many days. Cardio training benefits only last as long as you exercise. But weight training is a lot different. You burn more calories while you sleep and rest during the next few days.
You can only have a toned, firm, tight and strong body with both cardio and weight training. Muscle gives you the nice tight and curve body, while cardio helps you burn the fat.

A lot of women, who think that weight training is some kind of a monster, have never even tried it. But once you try it and continue to train for several months then you feel your body change. It is also important to learn the right exercise techniques, so you can get a personal trainer in any gym to show you the ropes. Do not be afraid it and also if you start lifting weights then you can easily use heavier weights, you don´t have to use the lightest dumbbells or barbells in the gym.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

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