Some people are naturally blessed in that they do not have to struggle with belly fat issues. Genetically they have the makeup that burns extra calories rather that storing it.

Belly fat has been shown to be dangerous to humans in that it not only is stored just under the skin (although a great amount is stored there), it is also stored in the cavity around vital organs. The fat that is stored around the organs causes the problem.

If you have developed a vast amount of belly fat stored in your body, there are two keys to getting rid of the belly fat. These keys are diet and exercise.

Diet is not eating less. Diet is eating the right kinds of food. While carbs provide quick energy for the body, load up on them in excess and your body stores the extra calories as fat.

To get rid of the fat, you not only need to consume fewer calories, you will need to consume less carbs. This forces the body to begin to break down fat for energy. You should work with a dietitian to determine the correct diet for your body.

If you eat too few calories, your body will begin to think that there is a famine and as soon as you begin eating a bit more will start storing up the extra calories that it has been getting by without as more fat. This is the cause of yo-yo dieting which causes even more danger to your health.

A second key to loosing belly fat is exercise. Exercise burns calories. If you take into your body more than you use, your body must find the extra energy somewhere. The easiest place is in body fat. Eat less, exercise more loose body fat. It is also very helpful to develop core strength. This will cause your body to naturally use more energy and keep you from regaining lost belly fat.

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