Confused? Let me help you out with this crisis. You will get your answers in a minute. There are two main reasons why a person should lose belly fat.

Social reasons

·   Both Women and Men, Don’t you want to look attractive?
·   Do you want people calling you a “Fatso”?

Reduce the risk on getting:

·   Heart attacks
·   Strokes
·   Diabetes
·   Premature Death

Isn’t this just enough? So, start right away! There are no magical methods to get rid of your fat. Yes, you have to work on it for weeks together and chew on healthy food.

Top 5 methods to lose belly fat:

Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic exercise is any extended activity that makes you breathe hard while using the large muscle groups at a regular, even pace. Aerobic activities help make your heart stronger and more efficient. During the early part of the exercise, your body uses stored carbohydrates and circulating fatty acids (the building blocks of fat molecules) for energy. This is a very effective way to lose belly fat.

Belly Dancing: This is suitable for all body types and ages. Belly dance can strengthen the cardiovascular system, ward off osteoporosis, and improve stamina. Belly dancing can burn 250-300 calories per hour. This helps you get more self-esteem as well.

Crunch Exercises: When you think about reducing belly fat, the first thing that comes to mind is probably ab exercises. Crunch exercises are one of the most common methods utilized. They help us train the abdominal muscle. To do a crunch, start of lying flat on your back on the floor.  Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground.  Place your hands behind your head for support.  Slowly raise your upper torso up off the ground leading with your chest.  Do not pull yourself up by your head or neck or you can injure your neck.  Make sure that your shoulders are off of the ground.  Hold the crunch for a few seconds and slowly lower your upper torso back to the ground.  Try to do three groups of thirty crunches.

Don’t Drink! : Alcohol contains a lot of calories and your goal is to lose calories, so QUIT Drinking!!!

Doing these exercises will definitely help you in reducing your belly fat, but this isn’t enough. You should consume healthy food as well. Whether your goal is to control your weight or just to feel healthier, becoming physically active is a step in the right direction. Take advantage of the health benefits that regular exercise can offer and make physical activity a part of your lifestyle!

Killer Tips to Lose Your Belly Fat

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