Moreover, aerobics helps to increase one’s fitness levels and also of the cardiovascular system. If one is in a hurry to shed weight, aerobic step equipment is the right option. Jogging is the only other exercise that is faster like an aerobic step bench. But jogging end up straining the joints which is minimal in a step bench.Diagnosis All aerobic exercises like fast walking, jogging, skipping, swimming, cycling, dance or step aerobics uses the lungs powerfully. Step aerobics includes both dance and movements on a step.

Traditionally, aerobic dance is performed on the floor. Step aerobics combines arm gestures with foot and body movements. This helps to increase the fat burning and large-muscle movements. In step aerobics, an individual does the work out vertically and not horizontally. A step is placed about four to ten inches in height before the person who is exercising. The routine is to step up and down while listening to some music. The smallest step as used by beginners is four inches. As one’s fitness increases, the height of the step also increases by two inches.

A step aerobics workout may look easy but once one starts doing it, the strenuous nature of the workout is evident. The excess fat on one’s legs and hips get reduced immensely as these two continuously help to raise and lower the entire body. The body’s fitness level improves fast.

One should not start exercising suddenly.Diagnosis Adequate warm up is necessary before starting on a step bench. One must remember to check the height of the bench. If the bench is too high, it would cause undue stress on one’s body. The moment one feels tired, he or she should stop exercising. One should be careful not to wear bedroom slippers while jumping on a step bench.

While working out on a step bench one should stand close to it so that the stretch is not uncomfortable for the body. It is necessary to be attentive while placing one’s foot on the bench. The entire weight of the body must be supported by the step bench.

Aerobic step equipments can be easily used at one’s home. It is cheap compared to the other exercise machines. It is very helpful for busy people who do not have the time to visit a gym. And it helps one to shed weight quickly even when one is working out at home. So, aerobic step equipments are ideal if one wants to stay at home and improve the fitness level at the same time.

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