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In this video I will go over MOST of the struggles I dealt with once going Keto.
(Please note, I did my research prior to starting with the diet. I spoke with nutritionist and she helped me to figure out my macros for each week to help me continue losing weight)

I do not fully go into each point in the video so here is a more concise list of the health issues/ symptoms I started noticing after about a month into the Ketogenic lifestyle. ‘After going into carb ‘zombie mode’…

I encountered many symptoms of insulin resistance after knocking myself out of ketosis with the “know better cookie (low carb) cookie

· constant hunger
· craving carbs
· never feeling satisfied after eating
· irregular periods
· impossible to lose weight
· Extreme fatigue after meals
· brain fog
· mood swings
· not feeling rested when Awakening

I gained a total of 14/15 lbs (mostly in my face and stomach.)
I was extremely tired throughout most days.
I was very irratable, irrational, anxious/ on edge and quite frankly in a depressed/ hopeless state.

This vicious cycle continued for months before I was able to get it under control.
Even after Trying to return to a strict keto meal plan with minimal protein and only haelthy fats, the symptoms continued.
You can imagine how frustrating this was.

There’s no telling what would’ve happened if I would’ve continued forcing myself to stick to under 10carbs a day.
Maybe I would’ve finally reached optimal ketosis again, maybe I would’ve should all the symptoms and returned to health but OVERALL I WAS SO UNHAPPY after a month into the diet.
I did NOT feel comfortable eating that much fat or having to constantly to electrolytes to keep from having keto FLUs. Lacking strength and energy in my everyday workouts/ weight training made it very hard to stay motivated in reaching my fitness goals at times. I felt I often looked pale and brittle and not being able to have grapefruit was a BIG problem for me.

In Closing,
As stated. I urge each and every one of you to talk to a healthcare/ nutritional specialist prior to starting ANY diet. Especially one that involves switching your body’s metabolic fuel source.

Don’t make the mistake I did and end up having to pay the price ‘with your health’


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