To burn fat quicker you must try eating more foods that burn fat which are usually found on your fridge. These fat burning foods are a great source of energy while simultaneously are very low in fat, and quickly make you full. This results in lower consumption of calories and thus your body has to burn through fat reserves to preserve its basic functions. A healthy weight loss diet would consist of eating 4-6 small meals daily containing foods that burn fat . This way you may not have to exert any more effort for exercise.

Read below for several examples of fat burning foods:

Vegetables: Vegetables have a lot of bulk and very little calories. Vegetables such as celery, lettuce, broccoli are high in fiber and low in calories and thus fall into the foods that burn fat class. Uphold a healthy diet by eating as much veggies as possible as they are low in fat and low in calories while their high fiber content will keep you full..

Chicken Breasts: Another effective fat burning food is chicken breasts (when served skinless). Breast meat is low in calories and contains very little fat, making it the healthiest part of the chicken for consumption. It is recommended to peel away the skin, and remove any white parts, and prepare the meat using healthy methods like baking, broiling, or boiling .

Egg Whites: Another great food that burns fat is egg whites which contain 0% fat and are the purest source of protein. Egg whites are a great no fat food as the egg’s yolk holds 100% of the fat. Separating the yolk from the white is pretty easy . Break the egg shell into two halves, pour the contents back and forth from one half to the other leaking the egg white into a bowl underneath until just the yolk remains in the shells. It also might be a good idea visit your local grocery store and purchase ready-made egg whites which come in carton containers similar to cream or milk ones.

Fish: Fish is an amazing source of Omega 3 and other healthy fats, and by cooking it correctly you can cut its calories. It is important to use healthy cooking ways like steaming, baking, or broiling to cook fish and avoid frying due to lots of calories in oil. Also, try not to use sauces that normally go with fish as they have high calorie content.

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