Question by baby_rost: What is the best weight training routine to burn fat?
I see alot of different stuff for circuit/split/ etc but which is best for women to burn fat?

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Answer by Podsixia
Hey Baby Ros,

It’s awesome that you’re even planning on using weight training to burn fat. So many people don’t realize how crucial it is.

There is a lot to this, so I’ll give you a little info, but more importantly I’ll give you some links to good sites and discussion forums where you can read up on it yourself.

My personal opinion is Crossfit. You’ve probably not heard of it, most people haven’t, but it is hands down the best workout I’ve ever done. it combines calisthenics, olympic lifting, basic gymnastics, and cardio. It totally kicks my butt every time! The idea of crossfit is to do the exercises as quickly as possible with as little rest as you can manage to keep your heart rate up. You should just check out the website and spend a few hours on there learning all about it. It really is the best.

I’ll put a few more links to useful sites as well. Good luck.

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