Question by nicole: What incline should I use on the treadmill to burn fat when doing interval/burst training?
I’ve been speed walking on the treadmill for a while now at a 3.5 incline (its a great, hard workout), and I’ve noticed that I’ve built a lot of muscle in my thighs but have not lost/burnt much fat on them. I know I can’t spot reduce, but how low/high of an incline should I do my interval training in order to burn fat instead of building up more muscle? I’ve learned that a too high resistance/incline in cardio will build up muscle instead of burn fat.

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Answer by tennislover
stick to something you can do for 30-40 mins
an use 60% of your heart rate

also, id suggest you do high rep weight training first
then cardio after

weights build lean body tone.. speed up the metabolism.. make body easier to burn fat through cardio after

an if u lift weights for 40 mins.. u can take off atleast 10 mins from your cardio session

also, if u are interested in supplments, check out

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